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Anyone ever split the hull on a bass boat?
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Posted by Cooper713
7/8/2013 4:06 PM
I am working on my bass boat i recently aquired. I am needing to replace the pumps in the boat. I can get to the bilege pump through the back, but cannot get to the livewell pump that sits under the gas tank. I am also wanting to check the lines going to and from the rear livewell that come out under the livewell and behind the fuel cell. Really wanting to clean out the hull really well & rewire pretty much everything. Just wondering how hard it is to do and any pointers on what to do & expect. Thanks.
Posted by Oldman
7/8/2013 4:12 PM
get you a cheap electric fuel pump and pump the gas out and then take the hoses and fuel sending wiring off and the take the gas tank out.i have had to do it on my bullet several times.
Posted by Cooper713
7/8/2013 4:19 PM
The gas tank will not come out without splitting the hull. I wish it would just come out. Ive already unhooked all the lines & wiring, but theres no way to get it out. Thats the biggest reason im wanting to split the hull.
Posted by BulletTJ
7/8/2013 4:45 PM
What brand and model of boat do you have?
Posted by Cooper713
7/8/2013 4:57 PM
Its a 1994 Sprint 286 Pro Tournament. 18.5' From the research ive done, the Sprint brand was owned by Stratos. Its very similar to the Stratos boats.

Edited by Cooper713 7/8/2013 5:06 PM

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Posted by south599
7/8/2013 5:04 PM
id do a lot more messing with the gas tank and standing and looking at it before (make sure its not bolted down at the base) i went with the at least month long process of splitting the hull.
Posted by Cooper713
7/8/2013 5:10 PM
Ive already removed the 2 latches that had it bolted down on each side. Its loose in the boat, but theres not enough room to even try to get it turned to get it out. I know it will be a long pain in the butt process, but im in no hurry to get the boat on the water. We have Todds boat to fish out of. I just want to do everything the right way while im working on it.
Posted by south599
7/8/2013 6:32 PM
well there on several posts on here and other boards such as that have detailed accounts and even pictures of the process.
Posted by Cooper713
7/8/2013 6:42 PM
Thanks. Ill check them out.
Posted by south599
7/9/2013 7:37 AM
If/when you proceed on this project it would be awesome if you could start a detailed account of your progress on here with pictures and descriptions so that those that come after you will have a little easier time!
Posted by Cooper713
7/9/2013 8:17 AM
If i do decide to split the hull, thats what i was planning on doing. To try to help someone else whos thinkinng of doing the same thing. I still havent decided yes or no on the project.
Posted by Carl
7/9/2013 9:36 AM
i have split two boats. Both were riveted. Had to drill out 75-100 rivets and both separated easily. The putting back together was the fun part. A trick i learned after the first one, use ratcheting straps to hold the shape of your hull. It took 5 people with crowbars to get the first back together.
Posted by Cooper713
7/9/2013 10:25 AM
The putting the boat back together was the part i was most worried about. I think i may just cut the fuel cell into pieces to get it out. I need to replace it anyways, then put in a little smaller one that will fit through the lid. That way if i ever need to take it back out again, it will be much easier. Ive saw a bunch online that are 18-25 gallon for under $200. I think i may go that route.
Posted by foodsaver
7/9/2013 10:43 AM
that was what I came here to suggest. Cut that bad boy out and put in two smaller ones if you want the same fuel capacity.
Posted by Cooper713
7/9/2013 11:06 AM
I think thats my best option. Probably what i will do.
Posted by Strato-G
7/9/2013 6:22 PM
Does the seat come out & tank can be removed where seat is attached........
Posted by Andrew
7/9/2013 6:33 PM
Strato-G - 7/9/2013 6:22 PM

Does the seat come out & tank can be removed where seat is attached........

That's what I was thinking. If it's anything like a stratos that's where it would be.
Posted by Cooper713
7/9/2013 6:41 PM
Ive removed everything i can & theres just not enough room to get it out.
9/25/2013 8:28 AM
see if you can get a rope under it and lift straight up get help this is a 2 man job unless its a tva then its a 12 man job.
Posted by fishindave
9/25/2013 10:36 AM
My first boat was an old Pro Craft. It had a spit in the seam where the boat went on the trailer runners, It was not an easy fix but not terrible. Found the leak, cut a hole in the floor, repaired the leak and the floor and went fishing.
Posted by Cooper713
9/25/2013 5:03 PM
I finally decided to just cut the gas tank up to get it out. I decided that buying a new tank was a better option than splitting the hull. Im going to get a tank that i can fit through the lid. So if i ever nedd it out agajn its no problem. Just unhook everything & pull it out.
Posted by spnplgr
9/26/2013 12:26 AM
Be careful cutting a gas tank. If it has no gasoline in it, it is most likely full of fumes, and is therefore, a nifty bomb that could blow your body parts over your and your neighbor's house when it ignites from sparks. When I was a kid, an empty gas tanker near my neighborhood exploded when children with fireworks ignited it. Volunteer workers found body parts of seven children 150 yards from the tanker.

I'd get some advice from someone who has actually cut a gas tank successfully without it exploding or catching fire. Seems like I read somewhere that a gas tank should be filled with water before cutting it, but can't be sure if my memory is accurate.

At the very least, I'd ask someone who runs a radiator shop for advice. There's an old timer who runs a radiator shop off Rossville Blvd., on 49th street, I think, who probably can advise you how to safely do the job. Someone told me he repairs metal gas tanks, so he will know.

I do agree that removing the tank is the way to go on your project. Good luck.

Edited by spnplgr 9/26/2013 12:43 AM
Posted by Etoncathunter
10/10/2013 3:10 PM
Spnplgr has a valid point. I don't know about this case, but what I've heard about before about cutting up tanks that hold stuff like gas is to flood it (completely full)with water 1st. The water will rinse it out and force the vapors out of the tank. Then just drain the water and go to work.
Posted by humdinger
10/10/2013 6:40 PM
I was a helicopter mech in the Marines and worked on several fuel cells. We allways drained all the fuel first, duh. Then we ran an air hose in the cell and vented it for a few days till all the smell was gone. Luckly gas evaporated quicker than JP8 so it shouldnt take as long. If you are planning to use a grinder or cut off tool that will throw sparks do it outside and make sure everything stays wet to keep the fiberglass, seats, carpet, anything flamable from catching on fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy along with a few wet towels!
Good luck!
Posted by pete
10/31/2013 6:00 PM
shoot deepsink a pm
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