Most Effective Lures in April
Posted by FabledTaboo
4/5/2021 6:24 PM
Hello friends,

What are some of the most effective lures to utilize during the month of April on this lake? I am currently utilizing a 1/2oz watermelon jig with a blue crawfish tail and have yet to find any fortune. Any advice would be greatly appreciated fellow anglers.

-Be well (:
Posted by Springmillvol
4/5/2021 7:33 PM
As soon as the grass gets a foot high on the shelves, Carolina rig for me

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Posted by fischnrod
4/8/2021 2:42 PM
Live Minnows
Posted by FishingwithRusty
4/8/2021 3:10 PM
weightless cat turd(aka senko) is hard to beat
Posted by 31airborne
4/8/2021 4:10 PM
Fished our FoM national championship here in APR 2016. Jig and c-rig did the damage for us.