Sticky Buying boat, or anything on craigslist
Posted by SpurHunter
8/7/2014 2:53 PM
There was a discussion recently about deals on Craigslist, and how to spot a fake.
Here is the information they post to help people avoid getting scammed, thought Id post it for you.

Don't fall for a scam. Use these common sense rules from Craigslist to stay safe:

this one simple rule and you will avoid 99% of the scam attempts

wire service - anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.

discovered weeks later.

social security number, eBay/PayPal info, etc.)


* ONLY A SCAMMER WILL "GUARANTEE" YOUR TRANSACTION. CRAIGSLIST IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide
escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification".

3) Finally, never forget what your momma taught you: If it
sounds too good to be true... it probably is! If you have
concerns about an offer you received, demand to speak to the person on the phone, 99% of the time, they will never contact you again after you do that.
Posted by SKIDROW37
8/7/2014 4:18 PM
I was lookin at a Stratos last wk before I bought the boat I have now. It was on craigslist and the guy is local. He was gonna let me test run it and everything but when I found out he still had a lien on the boat and I told him my bank would want to know that so they could send a payoff check. After that he kinda back peddled and said he called his bank and they said he would have to be the one that paid it off. Don't think so pal I ain't gonna give you $25000 and hope you go pay it off. Needless to say I didn't buy a Stratos.
Posted by karenhenry04
11/5/2014 1:37 AM
Really there was deal?
I also want to buy boat and boat cover but didn't found best option.Please suggest if possible

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Posted by EricM
11/5/2014 8:00 AM
karenhenry04 - 11/5/2014 2:37 AM

Really there was deal?
I also want to buy boat and boat cover but didn't found best option.Please suggest if possible

Posted by porthos33
11/5/2014 9:26 AM
Posted by porthos33
11/5/2014 9:48 AM
These scammers are really trying to get us on here. I'm glad you guys are on top of it. I was about to lay into Mr. Ray Helmer! aka Rangerz What an idiot
Posted by VolsFan24
11/5/2014 10:13 AM
Haha. rangerz had me on the hook. Thought about sending him $75K so i didnt have anynpayments on a new boat. Sounded like a great deal.
Posted by SpurHunter
11/5/2014 11:29 AM
Man I was sure hoping yall didnt fall for that crap! LOL
Posted by fishinvol
11/5/2014 11:52 AM
I did !! Just waitning for my new boat now !!
Posted by porthos33
11/5/2014 4:06 PM
Honestly I was just about to lay into him! I'm glad he disappeared. I can't stand that crap and when Chris said that about the prince I was cracking up! And $75k is nuts! If he would have said 20k I would have sent him that all day long for a sweet wrap! lol
Posted by shadygradyd
11/5/2014 6:44 PM
I have my stratos on CL I've had to block some numbers because scammers just keep calling about it. It's crazy how many of them try.
Posted by Gator
11/5/2014 7:54 PM
I sold my Procraft a few weeks ago and it was listed on Craigslist in Chatt and Knoxville. The buyer lives in Columbus Ga. He drove to my house and paid cash.

I did have some scammers try to steal it but once I told them cash only and in person they backed off.
Posted by Crtay
5/6/2018 10:22 PM
Be carful
Posted by Andres
8/22/2018 3:37 AM
That's the kewy to all those craiglist deals when you sell something. Cash only, and scammers will disappear real quick
Posted by J. Tate
8/22/2018 10:03 AM
I would like to put my pontoon boat on here for sale, but I can't figure out how to do that. Your thoughts?
Posted by rsimms
8/22/2018 10:27 AM
I saw a post from a good friend on Facebook yesterday. Someone had actually listed HER house "For Rent" on Craigslist. The rental price and amenities indeed made it sound "too good to be true."

Apparently the scammer was expecting someone to pay them the rental deposit in advance. The ad had apparently been running (with a photo of her house) for 20 days before another friend happened to run across it and alerted her. She and a couple of others "Flagged" the ad and it was taken down shortly thereafter.
Posted by bullet02
8/22/2018 11:46 AM
Just to add to that 95% of the time they want you to email them, they may even send you a text saying please email more pics or info. The chances of you actually talking to one of these people is very rare if not impossible.

My latest encounter with one I was selling an old foxbody mustang that I had robbed parts from and was selling the rest of it. I got a phone call and someone said yes I am calling about your mustang you have for sale, as they where saying this it sounded like their phone was cutting out and the call ended before I could say much at all. Then I get a text from them. At this point it seems legit, I have actually heard someone on the phone before the text so it must be a real person. Looking back now, I realize this was just a recording.

Below is the text between me and him, my response are the ones in yellow. Notice that he has called me, now texting but you want me to now email you.???? Don't think so. Look at the responses at the bottom, they are clearly automated.

Posted by bullet02
8/22/2018 12:02 PM
Scammers on Craigslist are trying to scam with for sale adds that they have put up as well as looking at your legit car for sale trying to scam you with your add.
You don't see much of it anymore but used to the put things in the title of the add so they knew who was who. This prevented scammers going after scammers.
A for sale add would read " SiVeraDo 150o0 foR sale."
No normal person out their is typing an add like this, we may miss spell something or auto correct messes it up but not capitalization. This is how a scammer could spot a scammer without even having to click in the add.
How they spot each other now I'm not sure.
Here is a scam I pulled from Craigslist today. Notice no phone # to call or text.

I'm not sure what they can do with your email but I am not emailing them. If I can't call them then im out. Don't care how good of a deal it is. Hope this help someone from being scammed down the road.
Posted by Aries 181
8/22/2018 12:48 PM
J. Tate - 8/22/2018 11:03 AM

I would like to put my pontoon boat on here for sale, but I can't figure out how to do that. Your thoughts?

When you make 48 more posts, then you can list your boat in the for sale forum. That doesn't mean one or two word replies to any post either, just to get your post count to 50.

Posted by richg99
8/25/2018 4:01 PM
I live half a year in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

The local Sherriff there has set up a place for Craig's List transactions to be completed. It is in front of a specific Police Station. Meet there, exchange product and cash, and feel a lot safer than some store parking lot. Good idea, I think.

Fourth largest city in the US. Lots of nonsense going on in any big city.
Posted by chloe1990
9/22/2019 8:27 PM
A couple of years ago I was working in California and looking for a rental house. I found one that I liked on Craiglist and emailed the person who listed it. He wanted a deposit beforehand and he would leave the key in a box outside the house. He said he was "out of town at the moment" and couldn't meet me. He wanted me to pay even before I saw the place....who does that?! Does it actually work on some people? I ended up just going through a property management company.
Posted by Granddaddy
10/21/2019 10:53 AM
Good advice, especially the part about a cashiers check. I always call the bank to verify the check, check# etc. Also verify that funds are there. I have been burned by a cashiers check that looked perfect but was a fraud. $9800.
Posted by ByrdDawg
10/22/2019 8:57 AM
Several communities have safe meet places for conducting Craigslist transactions. Dalton has a place that has 24 hour video surveillance outside the police office. I suggest using the safe meet zones. Scammers will not want to meet you at these type of places. As your grandparents told you if its too good to be true its probably not.