Hook Sharpening
Posted by JohnnyG
10/7/2017 1:11 AM
I’m thinking of getting a small battery operated Dremel for sharpening dulled hooks on the go. Sometimes I have trebles that have a point or two that dull while bringing my cranks across rocks. I’d rather just pull out a quick automated sharpening tool and get back to fishing instead of digging out new trebles, fighting with split rings, etc. My question is does anyone on this sight have experience with any battery powered sharpening tools that you keep on your boats and what are your thoughts about it?
Posted by porthos33
10/7/2017 1:30 AM
I would just use the rapala or BERKLEY POCKET HOOK SHARPENER. I think they used to have them at walmart. They rapala is probably better

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Posted by JEEPnFISH
10/7/2017 5:22 AM
The dremels aren't that good for anything. The battery takes hours to charge. I've had two and they didn't last .
Posted by Smalliefan2
10/7/2017 6:17 PM
Get a small hook file, about $ 5. Takes no time to sharpen hooks, treble or single. Doesn't take up much room either.
Posted by silvertalon
10/7/2017 7:23 PM
Or a diamond hone hook file. Best I've tried.
Posted by jason
10/8/2017 12:47 PM

silvertalon - 10/7/2017 7:23 PM Or a diamond hone hook file. Best I've tried.

Thats the one I have. Retractable, pen style. Works great. 

Posted by mocs-tr20
10/9/2017 12:30 PM
We sell the Diamond Sharpening rods that has a groove for hooks at frost cutlery about 4'' long and works awesome.
Posted by FishingwithRusty
10/10/2017 8:35 AM
ive used the battery operated sharpener in the past(it was ok) and the dremel when at the house but the stone is what i use in the boat now. if the stone cant get a good point back on the hook in just a few strokes then i replace the hook. living in the land of giants it would suck to loose a fish of a lifetime because i didnt swap out a bad hook
Posted by Reel2Reel
12/23/2017 3:04 PM
I habe a berkley line stripper with a rotary stone on the top that works pretty well. You can pick them up at most sporting good stores.
Posted by heath423
12/23/2017 6:10 PM
I second the Rapala hook sharper. It does a great job and it is small.
Posted by BMANN
12/23/2017 8:03 PM
I just buy new ones. No time to sharpen.
Posted by bassinbrian
12/23/2017 9:49 PM
Just bought one at bass pro. File type sharpener. Played with it a while today, seems to work well and has a grove as well. Sharpened 3 hooks on an A rig in about 5 min. Which is pretty good since I'm just learning how to do it. Is say once your practiced up it should only Take a min. Or 2 to hone one up. Good hooks are to expensive to throw away!
Posted by catfish170
12/23/2017 10:04 PM
still carry an old "points" file. small compact.
Posted by jsb
12/24/2017 9:53 AM
I use a hook file. I wouldn't recommend a dremel. To easy to mess the hooks up. I don't know what brand mine is. It's about the size of a pen around and when stored about 3 inches long. The file part is partly rounded with a groove in it and flat on the other side. It doesn't take any time to sharpen a hook. You can clip this one in your pocket like a pen.