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Posted by Fish r safe
10/10/2017 3:24 PM
Hello all, just moved here from San Diego. Lake and river fishing is all new to me. Pretty much stayed with saltwater fishing. Any tips or advice, on where to go, and what to use. Would be greatly appreciated. Remember you are dealing with a freshwater novice.

Posted by river rat
10/10/2017 4:12 PM
Welcome I lived in Vista ca for years I used to work at Helgrens sport fishing in Oceanside I miss the saltwater fishing this is a whole lot different But you will enjoy just no albacore or tuna
Posted by Fhixon
10/10/2017 7:31 PM
Welcome aboard you will find some great info and reports here
Posted by Miles_11
10/10/2017 8:12 PM
Welcome to the group
Posted by Oldman
10/10/2017 8:40 PM
Posted by BASS MAN
10/10/2017 9:10 PM
Posted by benchwarmer
10/11/2017 7:08 AM
Great to have you with us.
Posted by catfish170
11/21/2017 10:32 AM
Welcome to the mayhem. Lots of good info from these nuts, just watch out for the squirrels!!
Posted by jpdavidm
11/21/2017 12:26 PM
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11/21/2017 1:46 PM
Posted by Gator
11/21/2017 5:13 PM
Welcome to the CFF. Great folks on here.
Posted by JEEPnFISH
11/21/2017 6:14 PM
I've had my share of questions, this bunch is really quick and friendly to help out.
Posted by camaro88z
11/21/2017 10:04 PM
Welcome. Reading the reports can help you forsure. Alot of good fisherman here.
Posted by Lx545
11/22/2017 6:44 AM