Unreal! They did it again, this time an 11 pt.!
Posted by Jmax
10/3/2019 3:44 PM
My buddy still has his family down for the first week of deer bow season. One of his grandsons missed a big buck the evening before last. He claimed his bow was off. Incredible as it sounds the same deer came back yesterday evening and he had another chance. This time his bow was dead on. Another great buck, really a big eight with double brow tins and one sticker of a small G3. They have some really nice bucks in their area. Makes me want to go, with the cooler weather coming in I think I just might do that.

Here is his 11 pt. Go ahead, get jealous, drool and wish it was yours. I did.

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Posted by Justfishin
10/3/2019 4:58 PM
Nice buck! Makes me want to go almost. As soon as it cools off some. I’m sure it would be miserable in a tree in 90 degree temps.
Posted by Jmax
10/3/2019 6:56 PM
I hear ya! I plan to go in the morning. With my luck I may see a buck but usually for me I just see little ones. Here in AR you have to have three points on one side to be legal. I usually have spikes and four points just about run me over, then maybe see a five or six points. The last couple years I have not seen anything big except one big one that looked like an eight point last year about sixty yards out and me sitting there with a bow. I am no Robinhood so no arrow flew. I had hoped to see him again during gun season but he disappeared. Maybe this year. Jmax