Catching Fish that have been caught before....
Posted by Tight_Lines
10/9/2019 1:26 PM
How many people have caught fish that have been caught before? Meaning..... when you pulled them to the shore or on a boat you also got a free extra lure?? post your pics!! i am intrigued!!! I fish a lot down below the Chickamauga Dam on the banks and have had a handful of fish run off with my lures to be never seen again.... at least by me!!! the reason i ask this is because i was just on my lunch break and hooked up with what i figured was a bass (since that is what is typically hitting right now on the river) and i am using 12 lb braid. Now it was not a huge fish, a couple of lbs at most but i kept my rod tip down to hopefully get him in and keep him from jumping. Well I was less than 10 feet from getting him though i never saw him and POOF!!!! he was gone!!! WITH MY LURE!!!! It was a Chartreuse lipless crankbait. i am now wondering if it might have been one of those toothy walleye??? anyways.. POST YOUR PICS OF FISH WITH SECOND SAID LURES FROM A PREVIOUS FISHERMAN!!!
Tight lines to all!!!
Posted by jb366
10/9/2019 5:30 PM
I don't have any pictures but I've pulled a football jig, brush hog, and a fluke out of the throats of fish I've caught. All look like they were cut hooked and the line was cut to release them.
Caught a ton with hook holes in their lips.