Best Prop Match
Posted by drdetroit
11/22/2019 9:38 AM

Triton TRX 21 Elite your recommendations!

 Dr Detroit 

Posted by beetlespin
11/24/2019 12:45 PM
What year model and engine?
Posted by beetlespin
11/24/2019 12:46 PM
What year model and engine?
Posted by WaterChap
11/24/2019 9:47 PM
Have you tried the prop guy next to Soddy Custom Tackle? He really seems to know what he’s doing.
Posted by lafae7
11/26/2019 7:06 PM
With a 21 footer I’d go with a 4 blade all day instead of a longer eared 3 blade to get the bow lift you will probably want. They usually have better resale too.
Posted by beetlespin
11/26/2019 8:51 PM
Just need a lot more information. Current prop, rpms, performance, etc. That model 21 TrX probably needs a 24 fury 3 or 25 Tempest. It will handle and carry a load well with 24 Fury 4 but won’t have a great top speed. The new 21 TrX hills are running good again. I’m running 24 Fury 3 on mine and I can run into high 70s.