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Livewell oxygen-injection systems-the new C&R tournament fish care 2021
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   Fishing Conservation and Education

Posted by Tony M
8/17/2021 7:53 AM
Rivermont Jeff - Hope you see this on the Conswervation Forum. I believe I errored posteng this on General forum the other day since you have not responded

Si I'll try to get this to you again.

Have you lost interest or totally given up on your livewell DO testing in wells that containing limits of bass? Would imagine that any bass tournament director that eventually figured out what you were doing stopped that immediately. Testing the DO in fully loaded livewells in the summer can cause a lot of trouble to TD’s…. it’s so telling and of course the meter doesn’t lie. What’s a TD to do when/if the DO is deadly low and fish are suffocating.
Couple ow new things, 1st the BassMaster Classic last June 2021 in Central Texas >98% survival. The fish care was regulated and controlled by Texas Parks & Wild Life Depart, Inland Fisheries, Todd Driscoll, Biologist and B.A.S.S. Conservation Director, Gene Gilliland.
Classic fish care plan hits home run with 98% live release Classic fish care plan hits home run with 98% live release | Bassmaster

Note that the fishery department were testing DO levels in bass boat livewells and contestants were required to use portable oxygen–injections to transport summer tournament bass 1 hour from Lake Ray Roberts to Ft. Worth (oxygen-injection systems and compressed welding oxygen) was provided FREE to contestants) to use in their bass boat livewells. This dramatic change (livewell DO testing and requiring contestants to transport fish 1 hour to the weigh-in at Ft. Worth) is a paradigm shift in tournament bass care compared to bass boat livewells mechanically aerated and NO livewwell DO testing at all.

Another major “functional livewell rule” and requirement was implemented by Cat Master C&R catfish tournaments this summer. The new livewell rule requires ALL CONTESTANTS to have and use livewell oxygen–inject systems in their boats. Yournament officials will be trsting DO’s in all boat livewells with catfish in the livewell to evaluate wheter the DO is safe of not safe, another paradigm shift in summer tournament fish care by contestants. This new livewell rule for contestants applies to all Cat Master’s tournaments held along the Mississippi River.
Now there are numerous State game departments and DNR’s keeping a close eye on these major summer tournament fish
care changes requiring contestants to use oxygen-injection systems in summer tournament boat livewells.
What if, what if your state fish and game departments/DNR requires all tournament contestants to have and use oxygen-injections livewell system for all summer fishing tournaments. And required having a written records of DO levels of all contestants’ livewells with tournament limits still in the livewells before the weigh-in in your state.
I doubt seriously that these popular electric livewell Oxygenators commonly found in bass boat livewells would apply as an oxygen-injection system after trading the TP&WD testing and final review they published.

The Oxygenator - How Effective is It - by Fishery Biologist Randy Myers TPWD, Inland Fisheries Division, San Antonio, TX Publication 2-14-2012 The Oxygenator is now distributed by T-H Marine.

Here is another 3rd party testing, review and publication of the Oxygenator
Oxygenator Bad Review (electrical shock problems) by drhobbs28

I never seen or found any scientific DO testing published by the Oxygenator manufacturer, T-H Marine the distributor or published by any bass boat manufacturer that provide OEM Oxygenators for theis bass boat livewell.


*** If any of you have ever seen or read of any 3rd party testing that has been published, please post it here on this forum.

Selling the livewell Oxygenator is no more than advertising magic, another shell game… Although the Oxygenator does electrically break down water molecularly in to 1/3 pure oxygen gas and 2/3 pure hydrogen gas (an explosive gas like propane) the sales hook is that “it makes 100% oxygen.” But the advertisement doesn’t tell the customer is that the Oxygenator only makes a tiny volume of pure oxygen.

You will not see this in Oxygenator advertisement or hear this from any Oxygenator salesman or bass boat salesman.

Here is some interesting factual you might consider:

Did you know that the livewell Oxygenator only makes oxygen during the ON CYCLE.

Did you know that Livewell water temperature controls the Oxygenator ON/OFF CYCLES or how long the Oxygenator is actually running producing that little bit of pure oxygen.

Did you know that the colder the livewell water (chilling livewell water with ice) increases how long the machine remains in the OFF CYCLE and no oxygen in produced.

Did you know that the Oxygenator generates NO OXYGEN in the OFF CYCLE.

Did you know that all the fish in your livewell consume oxygen (DO) continuously every minute of every hour while transported in boat livewells.

Did you know that fish excrete a large volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the ratio of oxygen consumption to CO2 output is nearly a 1:1ratio.

Did you know that CO2 dissolved quicker and easier that oxygen in water forming carbonic acid and that increases the acidity of your livewell water.

Those Summer Dog Days 2021 are close now.

Posted by Tony M
9/4/2021 9:16 AM
Rivermont Jeff,
Are you still with us, functional or semifunctional. Not seeing any response from you, I’m wondering if you caught yourself a bad dose of the COVID, CVA, injured, died, in jail or incapacitated in some other way. Maybe just having a bad month or so and hiding out.
Concerned about you.
Posted by Tony M
9/15/2021 11:06 AM
I’m so sorry to hear the sad news about Jeff. It’s clear now why he totally lost interest in the forum and I shall miss his presence on the forum. Hope to see him again on the “other side” someday.
Posted by churly
9/17/2021 8:59 AM
What happened to Jeff?
Posted by Tony M
9/17/2021 3:56 PM
Don’t really know any details. I really enjoyed talking with him about the boat livewell testing he was doing with his dissolved oxygen meter, I’ll miss that.

Do you have any details about what happened to him or when?
Posted by churly
9/27/2021 3:53 PM
He is fine. I saw him post on facebook last week.
Posted by Rivermont Jeff
9/28/2021 5:47 PM
What happened to me? I'm currently living 32 days in the past. Please advise me of whats to come!! Lol
Posted by Tony M
9/29/2021 6:00 PM
Glad to see your back Jeff, I was concerned with so much COVID mortality /morbidity negatively affecting old fishing buddied, friends and family. Many that I have gone to school are bullet proof, totally unconcerned with things they can’t see like this little virus. They tell me they’re full steam ahead and definitely back to normal living… like it was back in December 2020.They claim and believe this little ole pandemic is over for them, they have had enough of this foolishness for sure.
Personally I’m not so sure about that as we are now in just into the 3rd world pandemic (the 3rd organism): 1st is COVID-19 plus 2 more dangerous variants more deadly and contagious than the 1st. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Please review my 1st post on this thread, some observations and questions I have for you.
Posted by Rivermont Jeff
9/29/2021 8:18 PM
I've never seen the Oxygenater produce an acceptable dissolved oxygen level. 100% oxygen system is the only way Togo. Also its been several years since I've been on this forum.
Posted by churly
9/30/2021 8:30 AM
Rivermont Jeff - 9/29/2021 11:18 PM

I've never seen the Oxygenater produce an acceptable dissolved oxygen level. 100% oxygen system is the only way Togo. Also its been several years since I've been on this forum.

I still have your O2 meter!
Posted by Tony M
10/3/2021 11:46 AM
I’ve see a several independent 3rd party testing and evaluations of the Oxygenator published on the internet:

T-H Marine Oxygenators are currently Out Of Stock as of 10/3/2021

Oxygenator Bad Review (electrical shock problems) by drhobbs28

[Aqua Innovations/T-H Marine] The Oxygenator - How Effective is It - by Fishery Biologist Randy Myers TPWD, Inland Fisheries Division, San Antonio, TX Publication 2-14-2012
Oxygnators, Livewells and Bait tanks - Electrolysis Type

How do I know if my Oxygenator is working properly or not? How do I know if my Oxygenator is working properly or not? – T-H Marine Supplies (
First, you will want to make sure that all your power connections and connections to your switch are intact and there is 12 volts of power going into the connection attached to your unit.

Second, turn the power switch on for your oxygenator and, under low light, look at the unit with the livewell filled with enough water to cover the unit. Just off from the center of the unit is a green LED indicator light that only comes on when the oxygenator’s electronics are working in a complete circuit.

[How do you really know if and when your Oxygenator™ is not working in the summer when fish and live bait need supplemental oxygen most?]

[Third, if the green light is on and your oxygenator is bubbling; and your fish or live bait are sickly or dying, the oxygenator is not working. Your Oxygenator is not generating enough pure 100% oxygen for the fish, fish are suffocating.]

Consider this: Fish, bait oxygen systems and components are becoming more difficult to find and buy this past year. The cost of this type fishing equipment has also increased if you can find it, especially aluminum oxygen cylinders and marine oxygen regulators.

Keepalive O2 is out of sight/out of touch and out of business.

Fish-Flow O2 is out of sight/out of touch and out of business.

O2GO is out of sight/out of touch and out of business.

After a brief internet search, I found today, many companies no longer carry or sell Keepalive Oxygen Infusers products: Sportsman’s Warehouse, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Amazon, Cabela’s, Boaters Catalog, Bottom Dwellers Tackle, Capt. Mack’s, Great Bait and many others.

I found very few retail bait shops and companies today that are still in business today selling compressed oxygen systems for sport fishermen. I found only 1 manufacture that is in business today with substantial inventory of oxygen systems, components and parts.

I did find 1 company that sells fishing oxygen systems in Corpus Christi, TX. They no longer sells Keepalive oxyhen infusers, but they do sell am assortment of components for O2 systems: ROY'S BAIT & TACKLE 7613 S. Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78412 Tel. 361-992-2960.

**Keep in mind that Roy’s Bait provides absolutely NO WARRANTY for their O2 systems or any O2 system components they sell.
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