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Fluorocarbon Leaders
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Posted by Fshn Cpa
4/21/2022 1:20 PM
What is the best line choice for Fluorocarbon leaders. What size for what application.
Posted by 31airborne
4/21/2022 5:34 PM
I've been using Sunline leader material of late. I'm impressed w/ the performance. I've used it in some pretty gnarly conditions - rock, wood, stumps, and hard bottom. Has been holding up well for me. I've also experimented w/ P-Line Fluoro-clear (co-poly). That, too, has performed well.

I use #8 Sunline on my spinny rig. No issues.
Posted by FishingwithRusty
4/22/2022 8:21 AM
i know youre asking about flouro but i will throw out that i am still using big game for my leaders, its strong, cheap and not as sensitive about knot friction
Posted by Fshn Cpa
4/22/2022 9:41 AM
Thanks - I have been spooling P-line Fluoroclear on my spinning rods since it came out, but have been reading so much about braid with a fluoro leader on a spinning rod that I wanted to try some. Wal Mart had some Seaguar 200 yds for under $10 so I will give it a try.
Posted by 31airborne
4/22/2022 10:18 AM
Can't go wrong w/ Seaguar. Great price, too.
Posted by ChooChooSnakeMan
4/22/2022 11:38 AM
I'll give the Seaguar a try, can't beat that price! I've always used Berkley 100% flouro up to this point. I use 30lb braid on both my baitcaster and spinning reels. I use 15lb flouro as the leader for the baitcaster rigs and even the heavy spinning reels. I use 8lb floro leaders for any finesse or drop shot rigs. You didn't ask about knots but I will say that the floro to braid knots have been frustrating for me. I have tired everything always thinking that my latest choice would solve knot failure problems. Lately I've settled on a knot I found on a tackle warehouse video titled "Shin's Knot". It is easier to tie than some of the others I've tried and so far it seems to work well. Good luck.
Posted by Oldman
4/22/2022 1:01 PM
no leaders for me.
Posted by Fshn Cpa
4/22/2022 4:24 PM
Th double uni knot seems to work and has a small profile. Watched the you tube of it and it is pretty easy to tie. Use the palomar for all other applications.
Posted by churly
4/26/2022 8:21 AM
The braid to flourocarbon leader set up came about as guys were looking for a finesse presentation that offers better strength and sensitivity than just running a main line of flouro or mono. To answer your question, the lightest leader you can use, or get away with the more bites you'll get. Ive seen guys go as light as 6lb on leaders. The past couple of weeks I have been catching fish using a 10lb leader of seagar invsix. I'm actually using this around grass, and although its not thick grass yet, the only time I have broken my line in the last couple weeks was on a huge catfish. But, in the past 3 weeks, I have boated many bass and landed 2 cats with one of them being 25+ flathead. The main line I have been using since last year is the YGK sinking 16lb braid. I am also using the "FG knot". It takes a minute to tie but it is very strong. My advice is to find a smooth braid you like- Power pro max quatro is another great braid, and play with the leaders to see what size works best. One last tip I would give would be to make the leader long. Mine is about 20ft. that way when you set the hook, you have more stretch and you are not torquing your leader knot. Not to mention-that longer leader will be more stealthy. good luck
Posted by TightlineT
4/26/2022 9:34 PM
I have been using 15# suffix and 20# power pro main braid lines and usually a 10# leader of sun line. I tried the fg knot but never had confidence it would hold due to my lack of being able to tie it. I’m sure it’s a great knot as most of the pros use it, but I found it complicated - especially if have to try to tie another one in the wind. I use a knot Shaw grigsby has on YouTube for fluoro leaders. I have always broken knot at the hook instead of this one if I get hung up. I also do a long leader so knot is on the spool if you get fish to the boat and it starts surging. Hope this helps….Jim
Posted by Fshn Cpa
4/28/2022 10:13 AM
Gave up on the braid on spinning reel. Went back to spooling with P-Line fluoroclear. Takes all the guesswork out.
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