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Old member that's been away for awhile
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Posted by kickinbass35
1/10/2023 4:41 AM
I've been on the forum since I was 35 . I'm 51 now and had to leave it and the fishing scene for 5 years due to heath problems in 2018 I had a heart attack in march and had a triple bypass I thought I'll bounce back and be back fishing before you know it WRONG before I could fully recover from it i noticed my toes on my right foot kept getting sore and had turned blue . I went to a walk in clinic and they couldn't tell me what it was but sent me to a vascular Dr who I will not name but will never be seen by them again from July to December 20 2018 I had 19 procedures done including two bypasses on it everytime I had something done you never knew who was going to do it they're in chattanooga but advertised they were seeing patients at Tennova I live in Cleveland so my wife took me to the er there cause I was in so much pain they'd call them I was there and had a 100 percent blockage and they would tell them to give me some pain meds and have me call the office Monday the er Dr told them no they couldn't it could move to my lungs or something so I laid up there from Saturday till Thursday when they finally came the last by they did on it the just glued the incision and when they got me up to walk it busted open the Dr was in the room when it happened and walked out I thought to go get some things to bandage it or something. But after 15 minutes of me with my leg over a garbage can I finally called a nurse and when she came in the Dr had left and didn't tell them anything about it anyway on December 20 2018 they amputated it because it had gotten 3 different infections in it and could kill me . Life starts all over you have to learn everything over again but a different way then in may of 2019 I had another heart attack and died for 3 minutes. But then on December 20 2020 my mother passed away without warning and to me that was worse than anything I had been through. I missed not being able to go fishing but my health wouldn't allow it. But now for mental help and relaxation I feel like I'm ready to give it a go again .if you remember me I guess you could call me old member .So hello once again and I hope by spring I cam have some reports to share. And if you don't believe in God just look at what all I've been through and so thankful he brought me through it . Sorry for such a long post and if you happen to see a one legged man in a small bass boat stop by and say hello cause more than likely it's me.
Posted by Oldman
1/10/2023 8:20 AM
Posted by Pop-R
1/10/2023 9:20 AM
Sorry to hear about your struggles but glad to hear you are getting back at it. Welcome back and tight lines.
Posted by trbr81
1/11/2023 8:47 PM
welcome back
Posted by Sobe3531
1/19/2023 1:40 PM
welcome back!
Posted by BulletTJ
1/19/2023 6:32 PM
Welcome back and just for the record I wouldn't take my dog to Tennova hospital. They let 2 family members die due to poor treatment and diagnosis.
Posted by kickinbass35
1/26/2023 7:20 PM
Oh I know all my Dr's now are with Erlanger so I go to Erlanger east but it's getting as bad as the er at the main hospital people are coming from Cleveland because they stopped taking a certain kind of insurance . But I have to say one of the nurses did save my life at Tennova she was in the icu room I was in getting me ready for the cath lab and I coded the Dr wanted to call time of death and she told them to let her try shocking me one more time and that's all it took it started beating again. Thank God but some of the nurses are better than the Dr. Plus she broke 5 ribs doing cpr . So I'm thankful for her I try to take her to lunch every day that it happened. But I thank God every day i hope I get some more rods and my boat finished I hadn't got to in 5 years and I'm sure thins have changed alot since then . Fishing is my passion I'd be on the water everyday if I could.
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