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How does eveyone store their phones and Keys while fishing?
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Posted by Tight_Lines
4/20/2017 7:46 AM
just looking for info, I would rather not carry my phone with me on my Kayak. though it is nice to have to take pics of my catches. or also good to have in case of emergencies. so I bought a clear plastic dry box to keep my car keys and phone in. though last time i went out, and being out for a while i realized that my dry box really heats up to the point it turns off for safety in the sun and i do not currently have any other place to put it to keep it dry. how does everyone store their phones and keys while fishing? my current idea ( plastic dry box) apparently is not a good idea since it heats up so any help would be great!! thanks all!!

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Posted by FishingwithRusty
4/20/2017 7:48 AM
in the glove box of my 21' Skeeter LOL!!!
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Posted by benchwarmer
4/20/2017 7:56 AM
In my pocket so when it keeps going off i can silence it quickly. Still keep it powered on in case of the 911 call I may get from my wife.
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Posted by ricerocketjp
4/20/2017 8:07 AM
i have a sealed tackle container i put my keys and phone
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Posted by wjhfish
4/20/2017 10:52 AM
Try a Ziploc bag with a piece of foam inside that will allow the bag to float if you did drop it into the water.
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Posted by chillerman69
4/20/2017 6:16 PM
the console or glove box. I've lost an I Phone and an ultra cool flip phone, by keeping it close. I see a lot of people multi-tasking on the lake and am somewhat annoyed by the loud talking while trying to fish. I guess I'm anti-social but I'd rather fish than talk to people
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Posted by lafae7
4/20/2017 7:32 PM
I got a life proof case. Which is waterproof so I never worry about where I keep it. Mostly under my driver seat though.
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Posted by SlabDog
4/21/2017 9:23 AM
Maybe putting the dry box into a white cloth bag will keep it cool enough?
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Posted by Tight_Lines
4/21/2017 1:14 PM
SlabDog - 4/21/2017 9:23 AM

Maybe putting the dry box into a white cloth bag will keep it cool enough?

Slabdog, thanks for the idea! i will have to try that one! i am also looking at dry storage i can install on my Kayak, but it needs to be the right size!! i have not found many places on the net that sell dry storage that i can install. though thanks for the advice!!
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Posted by bullshot
4/21/2017 3:38 PM
I don't bring mine, started out before cell phones were a thing. Even then, learned pretty quick, especially whitewater kayaking, to leave the keys hidden near the vehicle. Seen keys lost way too many times.

For pictures, I use a waterproof camera. Pentax brand, and has a clip that goes to a ring inside my pfd pocket. Works great.

PS most cell phone cases are not waterproof (including life proof). When I do HAVE to bring my cell phone, it goes inside a hard sided Pelican case (which has warranty against cell phone and camera damage). Not the clear case, as those get brittle in the sun and eventually shatter.

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Posted by silvertalon
4/21/2017 7:00 PM
Can't help ya with the limited kayak space issue but i keep my cell pn in my personal carry bag under the console and throw my keys in the TM foot pedal sump. Always have a cell pn on the water. Last week I locked up my gearcase running in to weigh at the CBA and was stranded. Luckily, had my pn. Do you have a small cooler in the kayak?
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Posted by Justfishin118
4/22/2017 4:48 AM
I've always had good luck with the small bags that roll up and clip. Unless you drop it and it sits on the bottom for too long i doubt you'd have any trouble. Sportsmans usually has some good ones and they have a long necklace cord too so you can wear them. But they are defiantly compact and reasonably water proof.

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Posted by fischnrod
4/22/2017 8:55 PM
small cooler and an ice pack
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Posted by wormman
4/23/2017 4:38 AM
I am not sure I am still looking for mine. LOL
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Posted by procraft
4/23/2017 3:47 PM
zip lock bag with foam and rice in it to float and soak up any water that might get in and keep it under console works for me
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Posted by Tight_Lines
4/24/2017 7:17 AM
thanks for all of the replies! i am sure one of these ideas will definitely work for me. guess i was only thinking of the dry aspect and not the heat aspect when i bought the case!
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Posted by BRamsey
4/24/2017 9:05 AM
Haven't read all the replies but maybe you could find a lil bit of that foil tape like they use on duct work to put on the outside of your dry box to reflect the sun?
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Posted by Dropshot
8/4/2017 10:14 AM
Plano waterproof box. On clearance at TSC.
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Posted by Rekugykoody
10/9/2018 8:08 AM
In backpack
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Posted by jman60
10/9/2018 8:28 AM
First thing I do is keep phone and Keys in separate ziplock bags. I may use my phone but don't need keys till I get back. Usually keep phone in Velcro close pocket on life jacket. Have to take a pic of that big fish.
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Posted by Dropshot
10/9/2018 12:28 PM
Plano waterproof containers.

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Posted by WaterChap
10/10/2018 10:47 PM
In a canoe I keep the keys in a dry box and the phone in a phone pouch around my neck. It’s totally waterproof and I can operate it through the pouch. I can even talk on the phone with it.
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Posted by gcam9
7/3/2019 10:00 PM
Amazon has a 15 dollar lifejacket case for any phone out there and it does work! It's made by a company called temdan I love mine give it a try
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Posted by JEEPnFISH
7/5/2019 7:38 AM
In my kayak mine goes in a drybox in the drybag then in the hull storage. Triple protection!
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Posted by Catfish_Charlie
7/8/2019 8:13 AM
I do the same as you have done. I have to have my phone for my iBobber. The box is cumbersome to get out and put it back in. But for me it works. Mine also gives a warning that it is getting too hot and will shut down without warning. The box is not ideal but the best option I have found.
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Posted by ByrdDawg
9/3/2019 1:05 PM
Save your empty plastic jars with screw on lids. " Jiff Peanut Butter" you can easily attach a line to it. They float and are waterproof. A sponge on the inside is always a good idea.
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Posted by scubajt41
9/6/2019 5:45 PM
i just scuba dive down and get them.. lol
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Posted by twitching
10/30/2019 2:41 PM
I have thrown them in the zip lock bag for years. cheapest and easiest way.
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Posted by 31airborne
10/31/2019 7:01 AM
I'm with Twitch - quart size Ziploc bag works great.
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Posted by fairweatherfisherman
11/14/2019 1:40 AM
Got a waterproof case for the phone. Phones are lasting so long now that it really makes sense to take the hit and get a quality case. I always keep it on me. If I get separated from the boat somehow or get injured, I'll need the phone to be able to call out to get help.
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