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Please help me understand
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Posted by Aredee
5/10/2018 8:29 AM
Quick question. I'm reading the precautionary advisory in the fishing regulation book. It say basically don't eat anything in watts bar, i know over simplification sorry. In Chickamauga everything is good. How does 1 dam change the quality of the water and the fish in the water? this may have been discussed at another time sorry if I missed it
Thank you for your help.
Posted by jwkiker79
5/10/2018 9:00 AM
I've been curious about the same thing.
Posted by newkids
5/10/2018 9:44 AM
Wouldn’t want to eat anything caught in the channel below hiwassee island. Too much crap from Bowater and Olin.
Posted by jwkiker79
5/10/2018 10:45 AM
Here is a link to an older thread from here. I'm not really sure if i'm linking it correctly or not but i'll give it a shot.
Posted by jb366
5/10/2018 11:51 AM
I wouldn't eat anything out of any of the TN river lakes tbh.
Posted by Nauticman
5/10/2018 1:26 PM
Re Watts Bar, I think there is concern about runoff from the Atomic Energy Comission complex in Oak Ridge during the WWII era.

Spur makes a great point in the above link.
Posted by CATCHMAN
5/10/2018 2:36 PM
How many have eaten fish from a farm pond that has cows standing in it when you catch the fish? What do you think the cows are doing under water? How about acid rain? They don't talk about that anymore. Not any unpolluted anywhere IMO.
Posted by Aredee
5/10/2018 2:47 PM
So I decided to call the dept of environmental and conservation and ask them. Talked to a very nice lady named Jessica, she explained the where and how they tested. The main reason why the fish are safe to eat below Watts bar dam, and I'm paraphrasing, the toxins are heavier than water and sinks so the dam stops a lot of them. Which is why catfish and carp are usually the first fish to go on the list of cautionary fish to eat. They will er on the side of caution when it comes to eating fish. The fish that they tested in chickamauga lake came back under the limits of concern. I know I feel better. Probably just as safe to eat them as it is getting them from the store. Thanks for everyone's input I guess I should have just call them in the first place
Posted by jwkiker79
5/10/2018 2:53 PM
Good information to know and I'm sure there are other people who were curious too.
Posted by ddxlesd
5/10/2018 4:20 PM
Been eating and enjoying the Crappie from Watts Bar and Chic for at least 55 of my 70 years. Thanks to Union Carbide at Oak Ridge they tend to glow a little when you drop them in the grease, but sure are yummy....Often wonder where the salmon and talapi came from that we pick up at the grocery??? Maybe some cesspool in China or Chilie?? Like lots of other things in life, a choice each must make for themselves.
Posted by WaterChap
5/11/2018 8:59 PM
I finally got curious about the signs they put out for us and all of the talk about the polluted river and spent days researching the issue.

Here’s the short version: The “precautionary” warnings (like catfish in the Nickajack section) have very little evidence behind them. The “do not eat” warnings (like you have for several species on Watts Bar) are linked to older studies (at least a decade, but I don’t remember offhand) where the fish showed elevated levels of things like mercury and PCBs.

At one point, someone decided to research the effects of heavy fish eating of the “polluted” fish in Watts Bar. Turns out that heavy eaters of “polluted” fish showed exactly the same levels of PCBs and mercury as the general population, which are well under any worrisome level.

So, there’s little evidence that the precautionary warnings represent actual levels pollutants which would be harmful to humans. When the levels do cross the line assumed to be dangerous, there’s no evidence that they actually are dangerous. While the zero-tolerance to pollutants model seems to be reasonable, in actuality it is not. We are all exposed to pollutants in our daily lives and seem to do fine. Car exhaust is probably far, far worse for us than any level of “polluted” fish we could possibly consume.
Posted by Jmax
5/11/2018 9:33 PM
I heard it is unsafe to eat any bass out of the river between the Watts Bar dam and the Chick dam.
Posted by WaterChap
5/11/2018 9:38 PM
There are no warnings about any species of fish in Chickamauga lake. According to TWRA, it’s the cleanest body of water in the Chattanooga area.
Posted by silvertalon
5/12/2018 9:08 PM
What a crock! I'm thinking- maybe all the nice grass filtered out the upstream chemicals sacrificing itself. Now there's no grass. I wouldn't trust eating anything out of TN River. IMO
Posted by Pointer 78
5/13/2018 6:44 PM
Since I hate the taste of fish, I don't consume any. Problem solved.
Posted by Johna
5/13/2018 11:09 PM
I just catch them and throw them back.
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