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Too bad we can't drink beer at CFP......................................
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Posted by Aries 181
5/23/2018 2:29 PM
I would set up my EZ UP canopy at the ramp and watch all the morons come out and slow launching to a crawl.

Posted by FishingwithRusty
5/23/2018 2:39 PM
right!!!! its gonna be a zoo
Posted by zack1a2
5/23/2018 3:37 PM
I think you could get rich watching the newbies on Memorial Day with a video camera!!
Posted by elwestb
5/23/2018 4:13 PM
I have done just that!
Posted by Rob Lee
5/23/2018 5:06 PM
A man needs an adult beverage to tolerate the morons. Moron reality show.
Posted by billyc
5/23/2018 7:39 PM
The real show for advanced morons will be at ramp above dam starting at noon on Saturday concluding on Monday at eight pm.
Posted by jb366
5/23/2018 9:04 PM
I like it when they back their boat down the ramp at a 45 degree angle and try to crank it while still hooked to the trailer for the first time in 9 months with last years gas in it. Then proceed to try to work on it while blocking the whole ramp.
Posted by copyman
5/23/2018 9:30 PM
Hopefully, the rain will slow the crowd.
Posted by zack1a2
5/24/2018 8:47 AM
The rain may be the one thing that saves us!!
Posted by FirstLight
5/24/2018 11:11 AM
billyc - 5/23/2018 7:39 PM

The real show for advanced morons will be at ramp above dam starting at noon on Saturday concluding on Monday at eight pm.

No doubt! Trying to take out at that ramp in the afternoon can take an hour when idiot season is in full force....
Posted by JEEPnFISH
5/24/2018 11:14 AM
I think beer is the main cause sometimes.
Posted by zack1a2
5/24/2018 11:17 AM
JEEPnFISH - 5/24/2018 11:14 AM

I think beer is the main cause sometimes.

Best Comment Award Goes to ^^^^^
Posted by saltyduck
5/24/2018 11:31 AM
I don't think beer is the main cause because they are just as bad when they get to the ramp. If it were just when taking out I would agree, but these people suck just as much at 9AM in the morning when first launching there boat. I got caught a couple of years ago waiting to launch my boat... I was videoing a guy that was on back and forth number 300 trying to get his boat launched. He asks if I was videoing him, and I said absolutely. He was mad at first then asked me if I would back his trailer in which I happily did!
Posted by Smalliefan2
5/24/2018 2:09 PM
The really scary part is they reproduce.
Posted by Railroader
5/24/2018 10:07 PM
We were all beginners once. I can live with the ramp issues. It's the them actually driving the boats that scare me.
Posted by Aries 181
5/26/2018 11:23 PM
Ya can't fix stupid.

Posted by JEEPnFISH
5/27/2018 12:45 AM
I've carried my wife's 8 footer sticking out the back of the jeep, but only 2 ft was outside the vehicle plus strapped in. Looks like over half is hanging out on that car.
Posted by Hooker
5/27/2018 4:02 AM
Seen a Googan at watts bar tonight at the ramp at the dam,,,1 guy,, 3 girls,,,17ft bass boat,,,blocked the whole ramp while he got his boat ready,,,he didn't have a clue,,,girls were even more clueless,,,girlfriend/wife starts backing him in finally,,,he grabs his trolling motor rope before he's even in the water and it breaks,,,,he's scrambling tryi g to fix it n still has the ramp block,,,dadada etc etc etc,,,be finally makes it in
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