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Watts Bar dam/Chickamauga dam how is the bank fishing?
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Posted by jaygivens70
6/11/2018 12:59 PM
With all the high water, has there been any fishing success by any Bank Fishermen below the dams ? The walkway at watts bar is easy to get to, and can be productive, but last time I went the results were disappointing. I am interested in crappie, bluegill and stripe, mainly.
Posted by jaygivens70
6/15/2018 1:30 PM
I had 364 views and no replies, so I am inclined to ask: Are there any blogs for panfish that someone might recommend ? It appears that I am in the wrong venue. There are other fish to catch besides largemouth bass, so let me hear from any crappie/catfish/stripe/bluegill/perch enthusiasts. Thanks.
Posted by jwkiker79
6/15/2018 2:52 PM
I haven't had a lot of luck lately at the Chickamauga Dam with anything. Last night I went and after dark started getting bass and small white bass biting and a kid that was leaving had caught a pretty good size catfish. This was off the bank at the last parking lot behind Chattanooga State. Sorry I can't help much more than that on Chickamauga dam. I have had luck with pan fish at raccoon mountain. You may want to give that a try. I do understand I love this forum but a lot is targeted towards boat fishing. Which I hope to be able to do one day!

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Posted by JEEPnFISH
6/15/2018 3:01 PM
The last time I read chick fishing reports was earlier in the week. It said people were avoiding the dam because of the gates operating and high fast water. I don't go out there myself, so just passing along what I read.
Posted by jman60
6/15/2018 4:52 PM
I always judge it by the cars parked on Access road. They have not been there in last couple of weeks until this morning. Tells me it is getting better since flood gates closed. The more cars parked near the railroad bridge the better the bank fishing.
Posted by lmk25
6/15/2018 5:00 PM
There are loads of all species of fish around most any dam in the country most all year long. Maybe be more specific on a target species, or a certain location of the dam. I would be glad to give you all the information I can.
Posted by jaygivens70
6/16/2018 1:30 PM
Thanks for all the replies. I've heard of Raccoon Mountain, and am going to look into it. Couldn't find much on it so far. Is there a lot of up-and-down water fluctuations up there ? I enjoy bank fishing but also have a kayak w/depth finder which lets me go to the fish...instead of hoping that they come to me !
Posted by WaterChap
6/17/2018 12:23 AM
There are crappie to be had in the eddy just south of the boat ramp in the park under the dam. I wasn’t targeting them, but I’ve watched others pull the in over the last week.
Posted by jaygivens70
6/18/2018 2:12 PM
Thanks for the info. I also used to be able to catch fish, also...fortunately, still can !! I'll have to look at some maps and satellite images to figure out how to get up to Raccoon Mountain. I just bought an Intex inflatable kayak and can get into biting fish in various places. Grasshopper Creek is good...but it will cost you $5 to get in there. Most other ramps can put you close to decent fishing, and the depth sounder is handy for finding what you are looking for, which for me is clumps of signals on the bottom down to about 20 feet deep.
Posted by Tight_Lines
6/18/2018 2:58 PM
have you tried creek fishing with your yak? i think its the south chick at the green way is a good place. also if you go up further to sale creek there is a nice section up there that ive caught fish on. i have heard good things about the west chickamauga creek but have never been and not sure where to put in. TWRA has a really nice map of warm water streams and kayak access to fish from and an off the main channels . hope this helps!
Posted by jaygivens70
6/18/2018 6:02 PM
Thanks for the heads up on that, Tight Lines. I am over in Cleveland so tend to stay on this side of things. Anglers in Chattanooga have got a lot of opportunities to choose from. Maybe I'll try some of those creeks sometime. You might remember that the Hiwassee and Ocoee rivers are cold year-round and can be accessed at Calhoun, Charleston, Ocoee dam #1 and two rivers campground. Have at it !
Posted by jwkiker79
6/19/2018 9:16 AM
To get to the raccoon mountain pump facility go to Tiftonia and continue on 41 like your going to hales bar or heading towards Jasper TN. It's about 3 miles passed the Walmart on 41. You should see the sign on the right for TVA before you get there. Once you make a right keep going until you see the giant turbine (or at least that what it think it is lol) there are parking spots on the left. Hope that's not too confusing.

Edited by jwkiker79 6/19/2018 9:30 AM
Posted by jaygivens70
6/19/2018 12:38 PM
Tanks a millyun, JWKIKER. I 'preciate it !! Have you been up there lately ?
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