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Resource list of locations of certified scales and where to find the line class records?
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Posted by Catfish_Charlie
7/8/2019 7:59 AM
Something happened this weekend that got me pumped to go after world records or line records. I was fishing this pass weekend. I was fishing for some bluegills to use for bait that same night for catfishing. I was fishing from a bridge 15 ft down to the water. I was using a new light combo rig that came with 2 pound test line. I put a very small more than 25 years old gold salmon egg hook on the line that measures just a tad over 1/4 inch.

Catfishing has picked up a lot over the last 2 weeks due to fish coming off the bed. I was planning to have a good night. I wanted 20 or so bluegills and had found a spot that was producing some good 5 to 7 inch bluegills. I always throw back anything bigger than 5 inches if I am catching bait. Using a foam float it was sinking after 1 or 2 minutes every time I tossed it out.

On this one cast I caught a good bluegill but it left half of my red-wiggler on the hook so I tossed it back out. The very second it hit the water the float went straight down. I went to pull it up but this time it pulled back. Confused I knew I didn't have a bluegill so I lightened up on my pull and loosened the drag some. I just played the fish to tire it out some. Long story short when it topped the water 10 minutes later I saw it was a good size blue cat. There was no path down the side of the bridge to the water so I gave it slack line and let it run some while I holding the rod battled through a very thick run of bushes and thickets to get down to the waters edge and I had also given it even more line on my fight down. But once I got down to the water I started reeling it back in still in disbelief that I had this blue on a salmon egg hook with half a red wiggler on 2 pound test. With all the tail splashing people had gathered to cheer me on as I fought it back over to the bank.

I landed it and fought my way back up to the road. Everyone was cheering as I headed over to my truck to weigh this thing. My really old hand scale showed it was 21.6 pounds. The though hit me could this be a record for 2 pound test? Do they even have a 2 pound test line class? Where is a registered scale? I only had a 5 gallon bucket so I filled it water and took names of people who were watching and I called TWRA to ask questions. None of my questions could the woman on the phone answer so she said she would send a ranger out. He never showed in the 40 minutes I waited. I took off and found a couple places with a scale but one said no and the other let me weight the fish. It weighed in at 22.2 pounds on that scale. But he couldn't tell me where a registered scale was. I made another call to TWRA and the woman again said she would resend a ranger. About 15 minutes later this kid pulls up and I am explaining it to him which he seemed disinterested in what I was telling him and told me he had no idea what I meant about a registered scale. I sent him on his way. The fish was very sluggish at this point and I knew it was going to die soon. So I released it back with no answers to any of my questions.

All of the above to get to my question. lol

My question is where would I look online to see what the current line class records are? Is there any resource that I could get a list of locations of certified scales?

IF there is a line class for blue cats then this fish had a shot. I covered everything except a certified scale to weigh it on.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.
Posted by SpurHunter
7/8/2019 8:48 AM
What your actually looking for is a "certified scale". The reason nobody cared to help is because it wasnt a bass, thats the only think that gets the attention of game and fish these days. State officials are also not involved, nor track any line class records. You need to contact IGFA or the Freshwater Hall of Fame for those, each records separate records.
Posted by SpurHunter
7/8/2019 8:52 AM
I just checked IGFA, the record for 2lb test line is 36lb 9oz
Posted by Catfish_Charlie
7/8/2019 8:57 AM
I figured the bass issue was most of it.

36ib 9oz, dadgunnn, that is a lot of fish. THANKS guys.
Posted by SpurHunter
7/8/2019 9:24 AM
Here is a lot of info on how records are certified, line class testing, etc.
Posted by jimwarden
7/8/2019 9:35 PM
Certified scales are normally found in the meat department of most grocery stores. The State of Tennessee certifies they are accurate and the managers of the grocery stores know where they are kept. It is on you or any other person wishing to get a fish weighed on certified scale to ask for permission to use these scales. Any agency or group that maintains records have a form to fill out with a place for the person who weighed the fish on the certified scale to sign this form. Then in many cases the agency or group may want to see the fish and/or a section of the line used if it is a line class record.

Best practice is to have a form available ahead of time. And to have gotten permission from a grocery store or two about weighing the fish on their certified scale. TN is always breaking new fish records, so be prepared and the next new record holder may be you.

Edited by jimwarden 7/8/2019 9:36 PM
Posted by fischnrod
7/9/2019 5:16 AM
I think Dayton Boat Dock has scales if I'm not mistaking that's where the state record bass was weighed.
Posted by muskyman
7/10/2019 4:58 AM
IGFA has locations that have certified scales as well. If you join up, in their latest 2019 records, it should be in there. Or with the online portal. I hold the IGFA 16lb line class record for channel catfish. I got a 44lber years ago and it is still holding... so far. The actual book of records is really cool, it is crazy to see some of the weights.
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