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Circling back to electronics
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   Fishing Sonar, GPS and Marine Electronics

Posted by MJonesin
2/8/2020 11:19 AM
So whats really more important, having a touchscreen unit that is 2" bigger with wireless builtin for future expansion or a 7" unit with more detailed image, non touchscreen, and non networkable?

For reference elite 9 ti2 vs helix 7 g2
Posted by stratos21xl
2/8/2020 12:59 PM
Really boils down to personal preference. Bigger screens are nice if you are looking at multiple things on one screen. Ethernet/waypoint sharing is a nice feature to have, especially if you spend a lot of time idling around looking for structure and fish. Same with map sharing if you plan to do multiple units. It seems like every brand has both strong points and weakness. If Garmin keeps going they way they are now, I think they will end up dominating the freshwater market.
Posted by MJonesin
2/8/2020 1:53 PM
It will definitely be awhile before i get another unit for up front. So this will be the only unit I'll use for a long time. But with that said, if i were to get another unit in the future, then I would want to also add to have one in the driver seat and one up front when trolling. I'm not going to be able to buy two more units later. Which leads me more to the elite ti2 because they network.. but that also doesnt mean i couldn't just not worry about the sharing stuff and just have to use one unit for waypoints and the unit up front just for imaging. More work for me but it is what it is..

I did look at the Garmin and i know the base maps is pretty good. Thing that threw me off is I was told that the transducer that comes with the echomap does not actually have a true downscan in it. Its a left and right side scan and then data from the two is stitched together to produce a "downscan" view as well.. so essentially you're missing out on a lot of information below especially depending on the frequency and depth of water you're in.. may not be so much of an issue but for the money I guess i would prefer the transducer to do it all
Posted by danrnsmyth
2/8/2020 8:45 PM
Its a left and right side scan and then data from the two is stitched together to produce a "downscan" view as well.. so essentially you're missing out on a lot of information ...quote
My information is not current...but I thought the older Garmin GT-52 transducer were a true downscan and that was what brought on the lawsuit and Garmin then changed transducers and maybe changed the description from downvu to clearvu but that was a few years back.
Since Garmin bought Navonics then I assumed that resolved that issue. I have looked at the new units and they are impressive , I just wish they had maps to compete with what lakemaster has especially on some lakes I fish up north.
Posted by MJonesin
2/9/2020 6:26 PM
I would honestly have to research the transducers to get the facts. Maybe someone else here knows. But from my last visit to Bass Pro, that is what i was told.. as far as if its new or old news, I honestly couldn't tell you. I personally liked the interface on the elite ti2 better tho, so if it came down to a touch screen choice for me, I just felt getting around the lowrance was easier for me..

But im still not ruling out helix. Problem I face is do i want mega imaging on a 7" screen (g2 model) with no networking OR a 9" touchscreen with wireless built in.. i know theyre bith good units, I just need to get what will fit my style and get me around fish quicker i guess... i dont know.. still up in the air at this point but i dont have too much longer to make a decision
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