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    Tennessee River Anglers 2024 schedule

    Week before was problem for some of the teams involved in working out the details
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    Tennessee River Anglers 2024 schedule

    yeah I know thats why we picked rivermont. There was a problem with the week before. Is what it is I guess you can only do so much on dates
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    Tennessee River Anglers 2024 schedule

    I have never encountered that gate closed have fished several tournaments there. Even cff went out of there a few years ago
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    Tennessee River Anglers 2024 schedule

    Due to discussions and planning the schedule has changed slightly TRA Schedule March 9 rivermont ramp March 30 - Holly circle April 20 Shell mound May 18 Holly circle Night - June 14 Dam Night - July 19 Dam Night August 16 Dam september 14 Sullivan’s October 5 Dam Nov 2and...
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    Need a Schedule

    Just a pass at a schedule - can be changed around or whatever March 2 River park or Rivermont March 23 - somewhere on Chick April 13 or 20 lower end Nickajack May 4th or 18th on Chick Night - June 14 Chick Night - July 19 Chick Night August 16 chick september 14 nick day October 5 chick day then...
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    Need a Schedule

    Ken I think we can put something together. Im willing to help and John is willing to help we just need a person willing to handle the money. I think we should just put together a schedule that alternates Nick and Chick. Just do Chick at night its seems safer and avoid CBA and use some different...
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    Annual Gripe Thread CFF Trail

    Only schedule tournaments when the fish are biting....hahaha....merry Christmas I'm ready for the season....
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    Todd Driver - gobigorange David Holder
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    You wouldnt need a new lowrance 3-n-1 transducer would you I could trade you
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    Todd Driver (gobigorange) and David Holder