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    Shakey head jig head question

    Looking at using this technique more. Any suggestions on which head type of round, flat or football is best? Any particular brand folks like better than others? Thanks! Jim
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    Question on humminbird mapping

    I have an older 998 with a lake master map card in it. I believe it is version 2 card. I was thinking about going to Tim’s Ford for first time in 25 years and looked on my lake list and it was not there. I know lakemaster won’t be available if I go, but will the base map that came with the...
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    Sale creek ramp danger

    Large piece of rebar steel at center of bottom of ramp sticking up about 3 or 4 feet. They have been told. Stay on right side facing the water. If they don't fix it, I will next chance I get. See you on the water....Jim
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    Best co angler tackle bag?

    Any suggestions to carry your stuff when you are the back seater? I have all my stuff in my boat and need to get where I can travel some. Thanks.....Jim
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    Ghost trolling motor grass cutter??

    I bought a ninja 2.0 for the ghost, but it doesn't seem like it will mount right. Worked great on old motor. Seems like the ninja 1.0 may be what folks are using, but was wondering if anyone had any other info on what might work. Thanks....Jim
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    Spring City boat ramp?

    Is this a good ramp to put in? Aerial view looked kinda small and I was wondering if it was safe to park the truck there. Hoping to try my first trip to WB this week. Planning on just staying in Piney Creek if this works out. Thanks.....Jim
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    Heat and air repair man

    I know this has probably been covered on here before, but for some reason I can't find it. I need a heat and air guy for my home. Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks, Jim
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    Sale Creek bass club?

    I was thinking there was a club that went out of sale creek. Anyone have any information on it? I work a weird schedule and may not be able to fish everything, but would be interested if it's still around. Thanks for any info.......Jim
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    Punching rod suggestions

    Thinking about getting a punching rod for the grass. Looking at reviews, a lot of folks seem to like the IROD genesis II Bub's punch rod rated heavy with mod. fast tip. Seems like a lot of people like one that is heavier than this and there is no one close to here that has one that I can look...
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    Chevy dealership

    Sitting at integrity chevy for oil change. Unfortunately I bought at riverside chevy in south Pittsburgh. The old gentry. They told me 7 hour wait for oil change. Integrity took me right in even though I didn't buy there. Riverside tried their best to cheat me out of $1500. Finally got...
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    5x14 utility trailer for sale - sold

    5x14' utility trailer for sale with tailgate ramp. Mesh bottom. Good tires on single axle. Holds two 4 wheelers very good . Asking $875. Message me with your phone number and I can send a picture. Thanks, Jim
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    Swimbait rod/reel suggestions

    Looking for suggestions. Probably throwing swim baits in the 5" range. I haven't fished them much and was wanting to get a decent setup. Thanks for the help. Jim
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    Livewell aerator question

    I noticed my livewell would not fill when I turned the switch on. When I toggle the switch to where it would come on with the timer, it seems to work fine. It appears it just doesn't work when I put it in the manual mode. I thought I would ask on here before I start digging under the dash and...
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    How do you use your electronics?

    I have had a conversation with a couple of very good fishermen about how they use their electronics -especially for ledge and deeper water fishing. One says he won't even think about fishing a deep spot if he don't see fish. The other said he uses the electronics to find a good looking...
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    Black light choices

    Thinking about getting some blacklights for my boat. I have an old suction cup one, but was wondering about others. I did search on here and saw mention of the blue waters in the rub rail and also some drop ins. Which is the best way to go? If the rub rail is the way, do you need 4 strands...
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    Sale Creek bass club

    i was thinking someone once told me there was a sale creek bass club. Anyone know if it is still going and any info? Thanks....Jim
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    225 EFI spark plug question

    I have a 2003 Mercury 225hp EFI that I am changing plugs on. Old plugs are champion ql77cc and that seems to be correct plug from what I have found online. My problem is some sites are showing a .035" gap and some are showing .040". Anyone out there have any experience with which one is...
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    Lights for running at night

    Any advice out there for what type of light to run for a headlight at night? Thanks in advance for any info......Jim
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    Wiring for trolling motor

    My son has a boat that was wired for 12v trolling motor. He is looking at a 24v motor now for the boat. I know the plug in would have to be changed, but will the 12v wiring work on 24v or would new wire need to be pulled? Thanks in advance and see ya on the water.......Jim
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    Pig hunting

    I have an older uncle that I would like to take hog hunting, especially with dogs. Anyone have any suggestions on a guide? Thanks......Jim