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    Prayer Request ChooChooSnakeMan

    I have been away from the forum for a long time, but you will be in my prayers, and thank you for the reminder that we all need to get checked out.
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    Long Time Member Long Time No See

    I have been a member here since around 2003, but I wandered away for several years. I hope to see some of the old times here and get caught up on all the latest. Jim
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    Rod and Reel Caddy

    We were just loading the pontoon this evening after fishing, just before sundown at Shellmound. As we were getting things ready to hit the road we saw a fellow who was coming in from bass fishing carrying a rod and reel caddy. The caddy looked to have a 1X2 wooden case like and held what looked...
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    How to unload an old Boat at the Dump

    I have an old 17 foot bass boat that is totally gone and I need to carry it to the dump. The boat stripped weighs about 1050 pounds. How do I get it off my trailer? The trailer is in great shape and I intend to keep it. Anyone have any suggestions how to get it off the trailer? There is no one...
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    1993 17 foot Wilderness Camper for Sale

    We have a 1993 17 foot travel trailer we want to sell or swap for a pontoon of the same value. We have it on craigs list right now: This camper has been remodeled and new roof, new tires, it is in good shape. We are selling only to buy a...
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    Boat Covers

    The only thing to watch on the wally world covers is the straps on the cover rot pretty quick, at least on mine they did and it was less than 6 months old when they went bad.