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    Im BACK!

    So...after Tennessee Trailers new owners failed with me and my life miserably, I was at Chattanooga Trailer and Rental since November 2018.</p> Well, I was consulting and building trailers for another company in McMinnville and we have done well! I'm officially full time starting Monday. I'm...
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    Material handler needed.

    <p dir="ltr"><span style="font-size: 18px">Tennessee Trailer Material Handler needed. Please see below </span></p> <p dir="ltr">Qualifications</p> <p dir="ltr">High school diploma (or GED) Positive attitude Ability to work unsupervised Experience working with a tape measure Good math skills...
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    Tn Trailers Offers Repair and Service (detailed info)

    <p style="margin: 6px 0px; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: #1d2129; font-size: 14px">Tennessee Trailers now offers a complete boat trailer repair and service department at our Soddy Daisy location. With over 50 years in the marine trailer industry, we have the experience and...
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    Kryptek AR15 soft case $50 Lowered from 75

    Nice new softcase and a good brand.</p> $5o PM me. Thanks!</p>
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    Slide Fire Stock AR15 Platform

    Cant get these.</p> Ar15 platform. Used 1 time with 3 mags. Has 2 Slude Fire forward assist.</p> Bottom Dollar $ 250 and that half of what they are going for now. Will it do what its meant to... YES. I just need cash right now.</p>
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    Been a bit since ive been on... sorta left the fishing scene since my back went south.</p> </p> Now im looking at only muzzleload and rifle hunting Im putting this up for sale.</p> $325. No Trades please.</p> Bow, case, red dot scope and 3 bolts.</p> Pm me....</p>
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    Shimano 2500 Stradics

    I have 2 in great shape. I'm looking to trade for a 150 to 200 value metal detector or $100 each.
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    Selling a few rods here...

    <div> </div><div> </div><div><span style="font-size: 10px">Shimano Crucials</span></div> 1. MH/Extra Fast 7'6 Tip was replaced. Available.</p> 2. M/Fast 7'11 (Crank Rod) Tip was replaced. SOLD</p> $75 Each</p> 3. Shimano Clarus M/F 7' Spinning Reel $45 Available.</p> 4. All Star M/Extra...
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    Re-conditioned Rem 700 / 30-06

    <div> </div><div><span style="font-size: 10px">Asking $400 with scope. Really don't want to seperate.</span></div> BSA scope. 9x40</p> The rifle was in Pitiful shape when I received it. Mechanically it super!!!, the stock and.barrel wasnt. I pretty much took it completely down and lorsd was...
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    New to me ride 115X

    A bit of a change of pace for me but I'm enjoying it!<span style="font-size: 10px"></span></p> We started getting into kayak trailers at the shop and I started taking an interest in them. I'm amazed at the transformation the yaks have taken over the years! The stability and fishing platforms...
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    TENNESSEE Boat and Fishing Expo

    Had the opportunity to work the Hook1 booth at the show this weekend.</p> Im blown away and amazed at how many people are into this up and coming sport. The kayaks are amazing too! I was even blessed to recieve a used Wilderness 115. Awesome! I'm excited and want to hit some backwater!</p> The...
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    Tn kyak trailer getting some love!
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    Need a Kayak Multi Use Outdoor Trailer?

    Check out our new Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailer! Designed to carry kayaks, canoes, SUP boards, hang gliders, bikes, coolers, trunks, ATV's, dirt bikes, and so much more. With our Best-In-Class weight capacity of 2,650 lbs you can haul it all in style, and for under $2,000. Don't spend...
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    I'm looking for a SKS

    Sorta looking around a bit and seeing what's out there on a SKS. Anyone have one that they might consider selling or possibly doing some trading?
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    For Trade

    I have 2 lockon RoundAbouts ( post a photo this week) and I really want to and NEED to trade them out on a ladder stand. A 2 man stand would be great but id settle for a single too. I'll throw in a set of climbing stixs also.</p> The lockons are in good shape. I had one repainted OD Green and...
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    Interested in buying a 30-30 lever action. FOUND ONE

    I'm wanting to find a deal on a 30-30 lever action rifle. Anyone have anything they might want to part with?
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    DETAILS in headline

    Posting WTB, WTT, etc, along WITH having a detail of some sort in the headline, will increase your chances of people reading and replying.</p> WTB</p> Versus</p> WTB used pickup truck. ;)</p>
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    Yamaha 25 T-1 Prop FS Needs work.

    I have a beat up Yamaha prop that just needs $100 put into it. New, the prop is $600. I'll let this go for 225 firm. Pm Me.
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    What's a Bullet on a TN Trailer look like...

    ....and Bullet shot us down! What a KILLER looking package.
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    Turks-contact inquiry- Previous Owner?

    My brother in law is HIGHLY pissed. I recommend he go by Turks well before Christmas of last year and he purchased a higher end crossbow. Had an issue with it and took it back a few months before he guess what!?!? He can't get a hold him at all.</p> Anyone know how to get a hold of...