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    Water temps on Parksville?

    Looking for recent water temps at Parksville lake. I'm about to defrost (I hope) the boat and maybe get out. Thanks!
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    Yellow perch

    Any reports (or private messages) about the yellow perch spawn on the Chick or particularly Parksville? I'd love to catch a bucketful for a great fish fry. Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks.
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    New fishing license again

    It's time to get your new license again. Of course, some of us now have the lifetime wrinkly (old folks) forever (or as long as we last) license. I just thought I'd help some of those young folks with, uhh, memory problems. It's time to get your new license again. Of course, some of us now have...
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    Revisited: Is it legal to use sunfish caught in a castnet for bait?

    A friend recently had this discussion again with a man who was keeping bluegill/sunfish that he had caught while cast netting for bait. We contacted the TWRA ( and got this response, which was consistent with previous responses: "It is not legal to take Sunfish (i.e. Bluegill)...
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    Reminder: Fishing License renewal

    Fishing licenses expire on February 28. Time to renew!!! Also, remember to check the date on your auto-inflate vest if applicable (mine is a Mustang hydrostatic and the inflator has to be replaced every 5 years). Wishing you good (and safe!) fishing. emoAngler
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    Mrs EricM is selling my beautiful reclining leather couch!!

    I'm not sure where she is figuring to get a bunch of redecorating money (uh-oh, I hope she's not figuring on an inheritance anytime soon), but we all know that when this thought becomes lodged it is pretty much a done deal. OR ELSE! So, if anyone is willing to cancel their plans to upgrade...
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    Heath Jordan is famous!

    Without going to jail! Saved a blue heron on TV news. Congrats!
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    License time!

    For all of us who are too young for the senior lifetime license, it's again time to get our annual fishing permit!
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    I may have cleaned off all my luck.........

    Hard telling just how much of my fishing ability comes from my boat smelling like skipjack and threadfin shad and from my boat being "camouflaged" by looking like a mud island, but I'm about to find out. I got a bug up my butt (a BIG one!) and took to spending a couple of these recent beautiful...
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    Gill net ban on Chickamauga

    There is an effort to try to get gill nets banned from Chickamauga, and I would ask all of the bass (and other) clubs and tournament folks to pass the info around to your clubs, friends and families. Please ask them to email their request to ban the use of gill nets on Chickamauga Lake. It only...
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    Don't forget

    Time to renew those fishing licenses!!!
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    By EricM: 2012 Ford Focus *SOLD*

    Only driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady from, Cleveland. Mostly true. This was my mom's car and she got sick shortly after getting it. Mom is gone now, but the car is still here. I have to settle her estate so I thought I'd offer it here. 2012 Ford Focus SE...
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    Spur paid it forward to EricM

    Erik Almy, knowing that I have been, um, "out of the boat" on occasion, thought of me when he removed a boarding ladder from his boat. I'm thinking that he "paid it forward" by possibly saving my life - or at least my dignity - if I fall into cold water again. This boat could be really hard to...
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    For Sale: Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld GPS - $140 by EricM

    Like new with original box, paperwork including owner's manual, belt clip, built-in basemap, and disk. Extras include a 4 GB micro card upgrade and MapSource City Navigator DVD (roadmaps). Waterproof, electronic compass, USB port, 1000 waypoints and tracklog to retrace your path - this is a very...
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    EricM LakeMaster/AutoChart snapshots

    I have been fooling with my chart programs and doing recordings for my AutoChart mapping system. I finally have worked out how to get 1' contours in the channel on Chickamauga, which with the Lakemaster is actually a 3' contour in the channel ( - in less than 50' it is 1' contours). My poor...
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    Mrs EricM neck surgery - Thank You!!! update

    Mary is having a disk replaced in her neck tomorrow (Tuesday the 29th). Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that all goes well. Thank you, my friends!
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    Shout-out for John Swallows/trolling motor repair

    Monday I had a problem with my MinnKota trolling motor and called John Swallows (ETM Specialty Co. in Charleston). Wednesday afternoon he had me bring it in and looked it over. I had overheated the brushes and armature (running on high for about 4 hours without letup - my fault for not realizing...
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    Fender Stratocaster and amp

    1995 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (made in USA)</p> Midnight Wine Transparent</p> Rosewood Fretboard</p> Hard case</p> Guitar stand, tuner, cord, etc.</p> Fender Deluxe 112 Plus Amplifier, 360w, with foot pedal</p> Really nice. $850</p> </p> </p> </p>
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    EricM's Humminbird 1197 for sale, $1350

    I am spending my children's inheritance and have ordered a brand-spanking-new H-bird sonar unit upgrade. I figure the only way to keep the wife from neutering me in my sleep is to sell the 1197c SI that I am currently running and use that cash to help offset the cost of the new unit. Here's...
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    Shad kill this year??

    I was expecting to see the water temps drop into the shad kill zone, but I haven't heard from anyone that they had seen a big kill. Anyone see much for injured/dead shad this year? We might have narrowly avoided it.