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    On board chargers

    Depends on your batteries. I had to switch when I went to lithium. I had a two bank Minn Kota that was 5 amps per bank and it would have been better to have 10 with my deep cycle 27s. My 24v 100 AH lithium charges quickly like a dream.
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    Weird that you didn’t get a reply on this, Mike.
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    Batteries & Charger for Sale $125

    Batteries sold. Next time I’ll just include my email. I think ppl are struggling with DMs in the new system.Also, I’m not getting notices anymore when ppl comment on the same tread. See to figure out how to resubscribe.
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    Johnson/Evinrude Prop 14.5 x 19, $75

    Stainless Johnson/Evinrude prop, 14.5 x 19. The original black Teflon is mostly worn off. Selling because I’m now running a Yamaha. $75. DM if you’re interested.
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    Batteries & Charger for Sale $125

    Two Everstart Deep Cycle Series 27 batteries (2/20) $60 Minn Kota 210D 2-Bank Charger (5A/bank) $80 Buy it all $125 It all works fine, I just switched to lithium. DM me if interested.
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    For Sale - Johnson/OMC parts, trim system, carbs, controls, cowl

    Johnson GT150 cowling $75 (not pretty, totally solid) Johnson/Evinrude tilt/trim system $300 (came off 120hp, used on my 150hp, new motor, worked great, some damage to insulation on cable) OMC 150 2-stroke carbs $200 (set of 4, off a 1986 Evinrude powerhead that was on my ‘89 GT150 OMC controls...
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    For Sale - Glock 22 Holster, Beretta 96 Mag

    $25 each or fishing related trade. PM if interested Holster is serpa style paddle holster Mag is loaded (long story)
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    For Sale - Bass Boat Trailer SOLD

    Skeeter Trailer. Had a 16’ Skeeter on it. Has aluminum wheels (3). Rollers, bunks, jack, winch and lights all work. Could use new carpet, has surface rust, one of the wheels is inexplicably rusted. (I figured out that the two trailer wheels are aluminum and the spare is chrome with rust. At some...
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    New Price MotorGuide 55 24v $25

    Old. It works. Foot pedal. I have the plug (both sides) and the cables to run to the batteries. PM me if interested. Can meet someone if local. I need to get sell this or chuck it.
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    1989 Johnson GT150 parts motor $500

    Two cylinders are blown. Lower unit & trim system are good. Cowling is intact but needs new stickers and paint. Original stainless prop (originally black Teflon) which could use some clean up. I also have a set of controls without a trim button on handle. The gears work great. Controls I’ll sell...
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    New Year’s Day Tournament

    Is anyone running one this year?
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    Dead Motor?

    Well, I think I killed my motor (1990 Evinrude). I was running a lake in Texas and I heard the engine rattling. I cut the engine and checked to see if it had blown a plug. It wasn’t hot and I couldn’t see anything wrong. But it didn’t want to restart. I was able to get it going for a few seconds...
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    High Back Folding Boat Seats $25 - Sold!

    Have a pair of green and tan seats for sale from my second seat upgrade. Selling them because I’m on my third. In pretty good shape, especially from the front. One of the seats has a bit of seam separation that can’t be seen from the front. My boat stays covered in a carport, so no fading. Looks...
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    River Fishable? Safe?

    Anyone been on the river? I haven’t put an eyeball on it in a while and a buddy wants to fish out of Suck Creek tomorrow. Bad idea or is it just going to be high and muddy?
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    For Sale - Edge 70 Trolling Motor

    Minn-Kota Edge 70 45” 24v, $250 The directional indicator is a bit wonky but otherwise works great. Ten years old. It’s a beast. Just upgraded to a Terrova. Comes with extra cable and a few small parts. ($650 new)
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    For Sale, Hook5 & Striker 4 new prices $125 & $15

    Items for Sale Lowrance Hook5 Chirp GPS with Ram Mount, $150 (now $125) Works great. Accepts map card. All cables and transducer. (Unit plus mount $225 new) Garmin Striker 4 GPS with mount, $25 (now $15) Power cable but NO transducer. (Unit with transducer is $99 new) Message me if you are...
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    Gold Coins for Sale

    I have a UK gold proof set for sale (1987). I’m selling at roughly spot price, which is far less than what you’d pay at a dealer, but which is more than I’d make selling to a dealer. I’ll hold the price until next Friday and then re-set. 3 coins, 22k, with case and paperwork, $1680. 27.05 grams...
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    Rocker Switch Panels

    I’m am getting close to installing new switches, gauges and permanent wiring to my console. I’ve been planning on using a marine rocker panel off of Amazon, something with a volt meter, cig lighter and USB plugs along with four or six rocker switches. But when I started to read the reviews it...
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    An Ignorant Question About Checking Compression

    So I am in the extreme preliminary stages of buying another used boat (probably likely as not I'll keep what I got), and I'm wondering about the whole issue of compression. It seems that checking compression is a little bit harder on an outboard than on a car engine, so maybe I could do it. But...
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    Do you own a .40 cal Beretta?

    If so, I just found an extra mag (with cartridges) to a Beretta 96 that I sold over a year ago. Would be happy to trade it for something fishing related (obviously not something expensive!). PM me if you are interested.