1993 17 foot Wilderness Camper for Sale


We have a 1993 17 foot travel trailer we want to sell or swap for a pontoon of the same value. We have it on craigs list right now:

This camper has been remodeled and new roof, new tires, it is in good shape. We are selling only to buy a pontoon, we do love camping but we love fishing even more.

I also have a Unisaw table saw 220 3hp 10 inch blade works great, I am retired now and don't use it, $1,200.00. I have several other wood working tools I plan to sell also.

We have an electric dryer works good, just don't need, $50. The only thing is the buzzer won't shut off.


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hey old buddy. hope it sells quick. you doing the get together this year?


Hey Craig, how are things going? Did you ever sell your Force motor. I had one a while back I had a 85 hp Force and thought about you. I gave that one away, never could get it to crank.

It's good to hear from you buddy, take care.