Are new fishing boats being made these days?

Aries 181

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I drive by island cove and moses marine 3-4 times a week and both are basically devoid of in stock boats for sale. There must be a reason for the lack of inventory. Maybe the market for $60-80K fishing rigs has finally tanked. Skier's on bonny oaks has numerous wake barges for sale though.

All of us in the manufacturing world are experiencing a myriad of supply chain issues. Raw materials shortages, chip shortages, supplier capacity, shipping container shortages, port backlogs, extreme product demand, lack of truck drivers, and lack of mfg employees. Pretty sure boat/engine manufacturers have the same problems. There is no end of this in the immediate future.


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The Market aint tanked, trust me. They are selling them quicker than they can make them. most manufacturing is behind, including boats. There's the chip shortage affecting the motor production, and there is also a shortage in fiber glass and poly resins. But no the market hasnt tanked, like homes right now, there's a lot of buyers and no inventory.


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My buddy picked his up there this month. He ordered in February and they told him Ranger won't take an order for inventory. Has to be verifiable name on a sale before they accept because they are so far behind. He ended up having to switch trolling motors just to get the boat because they hadn't got the Ghost in yet.


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Looked for 20-21' nitro. Finally found 1 in Sevierville. Everyone else sold out. Went to look at it. While waiting on salesman, saw a blemished one had been reduced and sold in the store. Salesman took me out to the lot, rolled cover off and same, pretty major flaws in hull finish. I asked him about another one sitting there and he said it was headed back to factory because they had somehow installed the engine crooked. He also said he had sent another back to factory for the hull issue the week before. Said he had never seen anything like it. Apparently they are throwing them together and hoping they make it out the back door just trying to fill orders. I came home empty handed......Jim