Battery issue.


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Put new battery on boat assuming the old one was bad. Went out and had low voltage alarm come in so I tested alternator and read 12 V so I assumed alternator was bad. After replacing alternator I was thinking with motor started I should be reading around 14 v. but still just showing 12.5 v. I have a 2019 150 4 stroke mercury am I missing something.


I have the exact same motor, same year as well. I also had the same problem. Like you, I replaced the battery only to find that it was not bad after all. I took mine back to the dealer and it was found that I in fact did have a bad alternator. It was replaced under warranty, and I have not zero issues since. Hope you get it figured out. Nothing worse than starting issues with a boat.


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call Tom over at fish n fun and take it over there, youre gonna spend more money throwing parts at it than having a GOOD mechanic diagnose and fix whats actually wrong


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Was in a hurry to fish. My boats at Dale Holler and I did call a few places and it was going to be a few weeks before they could get to it. Over looked the fuseable link and got bit so your right about saving money. I was looking to buy a new battery now I have a spare