Best place to fish in Gatlinburg


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I'm planning on making a couple of trips up there in the next couple of weeks and it's just going to be me so I wanted to try the trout. Any pointers and where I could go catch a few to eat would be great. Thanks
Get the daily pass and fish all through downtown. It’s good all the way to pigeon forge, there are some monsters. Also TWRA stocks pigeon forge now, the city stocks gburg. I’m guessing you don’t need the daily pass to fish pigeon forge but they stock more and bigger fish in Gatlinburg


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I second what Rusty said. Fishing in downtown gatlinburg is almost as fun as the looks/questions you get from the shoppers as u walk around with a stringer of fresh trout!


Good fishing downtown but I always get a big kick watching the ducks shoot the rapids as they forage up and down.