By EricM: 2012 Ford Focus *SOLD*


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Only driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady from, Cleveland. Mostly true.

This was my mom's car and she got sick shortly after getting it. Mom is gone now, but the car is still here. I have to settle her estate so I thought I'd offer it here.

2012 Ford Focus SE
Auto, air, power windows, 4 cyl., flex fuel, no damage, fresh oil change. Absolutely pristine condition.
Really - the odometer is 9622 miles.
Always garaged

Asking $12,900. (This car was $21,000 new)(still IS basically new)

In the interest of full disclosure, it is unlikely that this car will pull your boat.............even downhill................


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Re: By EricM: 2012 Ford Focus LOW MILEAGE 9622 mi. total. Like new!

Eric can you pm me your number I have a friend that maybe interested