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I was wondering if there is anyone on here who is good at using CAD software and maybe has any experience with designing their own baits in CAD?


Used several. My best suggestion is to go to search CAD. Costs and complexity are the largest factors. 20 years ago, they were a dime a dozen, now the big guys bought them all out and most only have cloud based services. There are a couple cheaper alternatives run by developers but it’s annoying trying to track changes and weird results. If you are 3d printing, download some samples so you can see them. The other thing is use nylon, nylon, nylon. PLA is way to brittle, especially when cold.


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Hi, I'm an engineer working in manufacturing. I've use CAD for 30+ years. Currently using Solidworks. I've often thought about designing my own lures / baits but have never tried it. I've designed boat stuff, shooting stuff such as loaders for auto pistol magazines, and stuff around the house which has worked out very well. I have access to CNC machining resources (turning as well as multi axis milling) as well as 3D printers. Shoot me a message and let me know what you have in mind, I might be able to help you. Thanks, James