CFF #12 - OFFICIAL REGISTRATION THREAD - September 16,2023 - Sullivans


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The 2023 CFF Tournament Trail concludes its regular season on Saturday, September 16, 2023 out of Sullivan's ramp. Tournament time will be safe light until 2pm edt.

$40 entry fee for two-person boat includes big fish. A single can fish for $25.

A one-time fee of $10 will be charged to ALL participants before they fish their first tournament of the year. This fee will be used to items needed to ensure the smooth operation of the tournament trail. No one is excluded from paying this fee before fishing. For the first tournament, for two people in the boat, the total cost would be $60, and for a single, $35. An optional $10 big fish pot per boat will also be held.

3 fish limit. 12 inch spotted bass, 15 inch largemouth bass, 18 inch smallmouth bass

All teams must have a combined 150 posts to qualify to fish. You must also have your full name on your forum profile. With that said, we provide a single waiver for one of the first two tournaments.

Deadline for online registration is 7pm, Wednesday, September 13,2023.

No locking through.

The ramp check-in deadline will be approximately 15 minutes before the blast-off. If you are not signed in when the sign-up ends, then you will not be permitted to fish. NO EXCEPTIONS! You are late if we are on the water when you arrive.

The use of the technique known as the "Alabama Rig", "Tennessee Rig", or "Umbrella Rig" will follow state regulations.

Long-lining is not permitted in CFF events.

When signing up, please add your real name and your CFF alias. If you do not, you will not be allowed to fish. Partners should be listed before the sign-up deadline.

All anglers must bring a signed release form for 2023. Please bring a completed form with you when you pay your entry fee. No form, no fish, no exceptions! If you fish without a form, and it is determined upon auditing the forms that you did not submit one, you may forfeit any points and face discipline for future tournaments.

Please reserve this thread for sign-ups so that we can easily keep up with it. Any posts not sign-up posts may be deleted without notice. Anyone planning to fish must sign up on this thread prior to the deadline.

Remember, the idea of this tournament trail is a little bragging, fun, and fellowship with fellow anglers. It is also to contribute fishing reports to the forum. If you want this to be the Bassmaster Tour or FLW Championship, it may not be for you, and we understand that. If you don't intend to post a fishing report, we don't need you. One major question we get is why we limit the first-place purse. We do it to pay for more places, discourage the participation of ringers and pros, and encourage people to fish with their kids and others and to enjoy the time.


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