Does anyone rent their boats out?


I’m wanting to come fish Chick in mid to late Oct and I don’t have a boat anymore. I was wondering if anyone rents their boat out any. I’ve seen the only bass boat rental business that supplies that lake and Guntersville and it’s like $350 a day. I’d be willing to pay $200-250/day for 3-4 days (would be weekdays and no weekend days). Gas on me as I can buy it at a Marina or you can fill it up and show me the receipt and I’d immediately reimburse you before taking the boat out. Preferably a boat with spot lock and I only need minimal graphing as I know the lake pretty well. Not looking for all that fancy “looking the fish in the eye” sonar lol. My brother and I use to fish that lake twice a year. And I don’t drive like a maniac as I’m very conservative when navigating. Never even drove my own boats like that. I may have a partner but may just come on my own if I can’t find one. Let me know if you’re interested in renting your boat out and maybe we can work something out. Dying to fish some grass mats!! Thanks.