Dog Boarding Recommendations


We are moving to the area in either October or November. Let me tell you building a house from 600 miles away will try your patience. Looking for a great kennel to board our dog at some point until we find some other neighbors that we can trade off pet sitting. Really do not like to put our pets in a kennel but may have to.

Any recommendations?


Farther north then you but The Cove Boarding Kennels and Retriever Training has always treated us fair. We have 10 acres and our 2 German Shepherds take a little bit to warm up to folks. Had 3 kennels in Knoxville say they wouldn’t board them, but most all of them had smaller dogs for clientele and frankly were openly afraid of ours (they have never bit anyone, will play ball forever and the UPS guy gets out and plays with them or they jump up to see him! Brady at The Cove is a nationally ranked trials trainer and knows dogs (has about 12). My female barked twice, he went over to her, seen right past the “woof”, grabbed the fur on her face in a playful way and said “what are you going to do girlie..”. Finally, someone who knows dogs. They have outdoor runs, etc…