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I have been fooling with my chart programs and doing recordings for my AutoChart mapping system. I finally have worked out how to get 1' contours in the channel on Chickamauga, which with the Lakemaster is actually a 3' contour in the channel ( - in less than 50' it is 1' contours). My poor Humminbird service rep is of the opinion that she is my personal assistant from all of the emails she has had to handle from me, and although she has not yet said it, I am sure she thinks "Oh crap. it's Eric again". Of course, many other people think the same thing............

Understand, in most instances the LakeMaster map is very good, but there is no way they can spend the time to make passes 10 feet apart (or less) to get the fine detail that I am willing to spend the hours and gas to map. The reason I want to show you this is to illustrate what is possible if you have certain special spots that you want to know much better. With AutoChart, the maps you create are yours and are not shared with anyone else unless you choose to do so.

This is a spot that I accidentally found on my sonar and thought would be a great catfish spot. After mapping it, I am sure it will be. Look at the top left blue spot. This is the head of a deep gorge between two ridges of steep rock and funnels the fish into a small area, great to anchor fish for cats. The top right blue spot is on the ridge, while the lower blue waypoint spot is farther downriver with the ridge running between them. To the right is a very deep hole. There was little on the original LakeMaster map to indicate this great structure, but overlaying my own Autochart recording really gives me an idea of how to fish this.

I just though you might find this interesting. Any comments?

The first chart is the original LakeMaster chart, the second is my AutoChart overlay. Since I did not record the whole area, disregard the edges of the areas when comparing them.


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