forum design problems

Forum design makes posting very difficult. I've tried a few times to add photos and get strange messages about Safari such as:</p>

 safari support is limited /disable this message by setting:safari_warning option to false</p>

Pressing the enter button doesn't shift lines down. </p>


whenever a website seems to act funky with safari i try to do the same thing in chrome
Can I do anything to improve posting? I posted a long discussion with photos how to secure grubs to jigheads and when I pressed submit, the whole post disappeared and a blank page came up with a weird message.


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Don't expect any action on your concerns, IMHO. When the Forum was created 18 years ago, by DHaun, he cared about stuff. But he got tired of owning/maintaining and sold it. I don't actually know who owns it now, but to my knowledge it is basically "an absentee owner," who cares nothing about it other than occasional local ad sales, and or remnant ad displays. They could care less about the subject or the users, again, in my humble opinion. I would be overjoyed if someone who claimed to be an owner hopped on here to correct and/or chastise me. Countdown begins.... NOW!


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Agree with everything posted above.


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Quote from CFF front page:

“Fishing Reports: This is why the CFF exists….”

What happened? Hardly any fishing reports. Hardly any fishing pictures. Lots of people stopped posting these. Now they’re more on Facebook and other forums.

I sure miss the good old days!
Guess it worked -" attach file after closing it"</p>

One of my creations I call whiskers.</p>


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The challenge is that photos must be 100 KB or less in size. These days NO camera or phone produces an image that small. There are multiple free websites and/or smartphone Apps that will do that. But still requires a little bit of techno knowledge and/or a learning curve. Everyone just has to decide if it's worth fooling with or not.


The software running the forum is outdated and needs to be changed. It barely works on a mobile, and there are lots of usability issues on a PC as well. We definitely need to move to a better platform. The current content, posts and images need to be transferred and this is not easy. This needs to be custom coded by a developer as there is no automated way of doing it. I am currently working on it to see if there are any technical challenges.

I should have more details in about 2 weeks.
pwasdm If you find a solution, I'd post quite a bit as I do on many forums across the country. Photos to me mean a lot when it comes to giving examples of lure designs that work - especially when attach to fish lips. (example in my last post)</p>

At least there is auto-notification which on some sites isn't working.</p>