Gill net ban on Chickamauga


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There is an effort to try to get gill nets banned from Chickamauga, and I would ask all of the bass (and other) clubs and tournament folks to pass the info around to your clubs, friends and families. Please ask them to email their request to ban the use of gill nets on Chickamauga Lake. It only takes a moment, and this is the only way that we will be able to apply enough pressure to eventually make it happen. Thanks you! Eric

I have sent my email asking them to consider removing gill nets from Chickamauga and talked about the sport fishery growing here (black bass, striped bass, and trophy catfish) and the money that it brings to the state and the area. Please send them an email with a short comment about this (or any other concern you have). It only takes a moment and can only help! Thanks, Eric

"Fish comments" in subject line


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Count me in...thanks for that info! I have seen first hand a group of Largemouth Bass in the 5-7lb range floating dead with the gill net marks on them...a horrible sight I will never forget. I have to say that I sympathize with the commercial fishermen but there has got to be another way to harvest their quarry without destroying our wonderful natural resources.


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Comment sent. Let them trot line all they want, but, ban the gill nets that destroy many game fish and are potentially dangerous in some of the places that I have seen the nets set. I ran into one net in Wolftever creek a couple of years ago and luckily for me, I realized what I had hit and stopped the motor before any damage could be done to my lower unit. I had to cut the net loose. Those jokers who spread nets across the Savannah and Woltever creek junction every winter need to be stopped. I don't know who they are or I would report them. emoGeezer