Gonefishing31 bass chick cff#7 tnhunterbp 1st place

We made our first run to a deep ledge with a little grass and came up with nothing. Second run was fishing a rock bank in about 8 fow. And again nothing. The next run was a creek channel about 10 fow with grass. Fished a worm for a bit then noticed two guys catching a few on spinner bait. Made the change and had three fish back to back only getting one in the boat.for our first keeper. Partner caught one to put in the livewell next on a worm. We just worked that creek channel for hours catching one more on a worm . Went to other side of creek and bam caught 3 back to back getting our third culling all our fish and putting a 6 something in livewell. Partner was a great net man that night. Thanks to the committee for all yall do to put these on