Grandson's First Fish


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In 17 years I've done thousands of guide trips... but I had one of the best guide trips of my life this week. My daughter got much of it on video (below) and then I wrote a story about it. I'd be honored if you would read about "Charlie's First "ish":

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Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed watching that young man catch those fish. Brings back a lot of good memories.


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I have to show my Great Grandson with his first crappie he caught recently.


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Fantastic article and video, it brings back memories for me with my two girls from many years ago and new memories that I am making now with my Grandkids. Richard, you are spot on with your comments about not pushing kids beyond their attention or "fun" span. The minute they aren't having fun is when the "trip" should stop. If we will do this then the trips will get longer and longer and before long their endurance will be beyond ours!