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<div>Can't find topics related to the grill or the smoker. So I decided to start it myself. Who has a grill or smoker? Tell us about the models if you have experience, what you like about them and what dishes are best.</div><div>
</div><div>I'll start with me. I have Blackstone Grill Griddle Station, I have pictures but the editor wouldn't let me upload them, is the forum broken?</div><div>
</div><div>I'm currently picking a vertical smoker. I've never bought one of these before, if you have any advice or experience in this, please give me feedback. So far I have been able to find an overview of these smokers on my own, but do I think they are bad, or am I wrong?</div><div></div>


I prefer charcoal/wood over propane. Those on the list are very thin (rust) and will leak air (ie burn more propane). If you are wanting a set and forget type unit, look at pellet smokers. Weber has a new model that should give you the ability to grill.
I used a basic Weber for years. Decided to get a gas grill (for convenience) and a smoker. Found a gas grill-smoker combo made by Oklahoma Joe at Lowe's. Got it on sale for $300. Love it. It's a single rack smoker (370 sq inches - ~big enuff to hold a full size brisket) with the side car for the wood fire. The smoker side can be used a charcoal grill.


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You are in my wheelhouse. My wife says I have a sickness. I also have a Blackstone griddle. I also own a Louisiana Competition Championship Series pellet grill/smoker. This thing is HUGE and will do just about anything you can imagine. You can goggle it to look at it. It is the best thing I have ever bought. I own a BGE and love it for steaks. There is nothing better than grilling steaks at over 700 degrees. I also have a barrel smoker I made from a kit I bought from Ace Hardware. It requires two 50 gallon drums and then there is the Charbroil charcoal grill I bought for tailgating. I love my pellet smoker it will smoke 14 pork butts and 12 racks of ribs. You can use it as a regular grill but it will only reach about 420 degrees.


Wow ! This will only get better.... we all have
secrets we would only tell to our fishing buddies.
I am a only wood user, low heat and slow.
Looking forward to being a part !


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I agree with you Kingcab. There is no substitute for wood and low and slow. I love playing with different types of wood. One thing I will share. If you are smoking something and you don't plan to eat it that day, don't cook it uncovered for the complete cook. The smoke taste will get stronger. I love the smokey taste but I still want to be able to taste the meat.

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I'm better at smoking and grilling than I am at fishing for sure, lol! I have an XL BGE, a blackstone, and just had throw away my barrel grill because the bottom rusted out :(.....
Now y'all got me wanting a steak! My favorite way to do a steak these days is the reverse sear. Prep it, cook it indirect, get it up to with 20 deg of your preferred finishing temp. Pull the steak, crank the heat up to 700 plus, paint it with oil, sear over the flames about a minute each side. De-lish. It better still moo a little bit when you stick into it to eat it ;)


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I have a large BGE and a Weber Spirit gas grill with half of it turned into a griddle. I bet I cook on one of them four nights a week when we aren't iced up.


Large BGE here. Love it. Unfortunately my Son In Law got the largest Komodo Joe. That thing is a monster. It dwarfs my egg. I have grill envy. Bigger the better of course.

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I have a masterbuilt.30 inch electric smoker, weber kettle performer and a blackstone griddle. Love them all


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I have three grills. I have the Lowe's version of the Egg. I have had for years a cheap little Bullet Smoker. That is what I started out playing with and still use from time to time. Then for number three I have the biggest and ugliest grill of all but it is my favorite. It is a 72 in. long Oklahoma Joe grill that has an an ugly flat black finish and built like a tank! I have had a couple of pretty shiny chrome Weber's and a Grill Master's in both gas and charcoal and they were sufficient for a while. It's just that they didn't hold up very long and burned out. I have not used an electric or a pellet grill so I can't speak about those. But this ugly Oklahoma Joe is by far my favorite. On one end it is a smoker. You can use charcoal or actual sticks of fire wood. It will take some pretty good sized sticks of wood too. Then in the center is another burner box that is for charcoal. Then on the right side of that charcoal box is another burner that is gas. And finally on the end is a gas hot plate to keep things warm or for stock pots or sauce pans. Like I said she is ugly but I love it! I prefer using the charcoal and wood boxes but on occasion when I'm in a hurry I'll fire up the gas side. I think I like the fire boxes better than the gas or even the electric boxes because I love messing with the fire! That's part of grilling to me!


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I have the same setup as elwestb. I love the flexibility. The size is large enough to smoke a whole turkey. I use a wireless thermometer when I’m smoking so I don’t have to open the lid as often. It has two channels, so I monitor the smoker temperature with one and the meat with the other. I set high and low temperature alarms and then leave it alone. The remote display has enough range to cover my whole house and yard. It makes it handy to go mow or work in the garage while i
I’m smoking. Now, if I could find one that I could monitor with my phone I could go fishing while it’s smoking.

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I have an Oklahoma Joe grill/smoker with a firebox on the end for your charcoal and wood for smoking. As previously mentioned, it is built like a tank. This thing aint going to warp. When I fire that thing up for smoking it looks like the house is on fire. Propane may be convenient, but it is not for me. I love that charcoal and wood taste and smell.


I have an XL BGE - there is nothing better than a steak off the BGE cooked at 600 degrees - done in a little over 6 minutes. very versatile grill for high temp cooks or low and slow. Smoked meat loaf has become a family favorite
I have an Oklahoma Joe combo - one half is propane, the other is a smoker/charcoal grill. It has a side car box for wood/charcoal for smoking and all the vents to regulate heat or smoke flow. Integrated analog thermometers are about dead on; very helpful when smoking. I bought this combo because it has all of the options I wanted for cooking meats. Once I refine my skills I'll probably move on to something a bit more sophisticated, but for now, it suits me just fine.