Honda 4 wheeler


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Ianybody know who can work on a 2005honda 4 wheeler .needs carb rebuilt (423)240-7834


I find it is much cheaper to just replace than fix. Amazon and ebay have them. $30 to $50.


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correct digital! just replace. the labor the rebuild is more than the cost to replace.


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From what I have seen most of the guys who work on them do not rebuild them any way. They just order an after market one and replace it. The Honda brands are very good but they are very proud of them too, expensive. emoRolleyes


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Some people that work on them just like they said will either just clean them overnight in some cleaner or order a after market kit or whole carb . I had one on my Suzuki supposedly rebuilt . When I got it back it was worse so I ordered a new aftermarket one I believe it was 30 and it ran fine . Just when you change it look at what notch the clip on the main needle is on your old one and make sure it's in the same place on the new one or it might not run right .