I may have cleaned off all my luck.........


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Hard telling just how much of my fishing ability comes from my boat smelling like skipjack and threadfin shad and from my boat being "camouflaged" by looking like a mud island, but I'm about to find out. I got a bug up my butt (a BIG one!) and took to spending a couple of these recent beautiful days washing and scrubbing and bleaching and removing rust stains and touching up the old girl (the boat, not Mary). Holy, um, poop!! The boat is white!!!!!!! I hurt like hell, but it looks like, well, not exactly new, but maybe like a well cared-for boat. At least from a distance...........

She needs a little upholstery work, but that can be done in the off-season. Wait a minute - there is no off-season, something is always biting, or should be. I am going to need rotator cuff surgery soon, so that is probably as good of a time as any. I even changed a couple of the screws and bolts to nice stainless steel ones and got rid of a rusty latch or two. I scrubbed the trailer fenders - especially the one that a tire shredded under and beat it silly with wildly flapping strips of rubber, leaving it look like the burn-out area at a drag strip. Just as bad, the birds love to sit on the boat's stainless rails and, well, we all know what they do - a lot - and even they once again gleam. The neighbors now drive past and wave at me again - with their whole hand! Kinda pleasant. And different.

I thought that I'd get a picture of her since it is entirely possible that this could be the last time that particular bug found that particular bit of anatomy on me.........................


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So that is what it looks like emoLaugh
Now if the fish don't mind emoThumbsup


the maddog

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emoToast A little effort that went a long ways...that ole catfishing gal is gleaming again, I see her smiling...good job! emoApplause


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SpurHunter - 5/8/2015 8:56 AM

Are you for hire? I need the same thing done to mine, badly!

I'd be glad to do it badly.....


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Wow, Eric. That looks almost new. You did a pretty good job. Line from the movie 'Dennis the Menace". Grin. emoBigsmile emoGeezer


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Nice work ! emoThumbsup Good luck with the rotator cuff surgery. I've had a few cortisone shots for my "cuff" problems over the years. I could see how you could get a lot of wear and tear on yours reeling in all of the big cats over the years.


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That's some hard work you did and it paid off! Funny post, as usual! Hope the surgery goes well for you!


Rotator Cuff Surgery: Stock up on some extra pillows. Sleeping is the hardest part of recovery.</p>


Dr. Nash at Center for Sports has an outstanding reputation. Every doctor and orthotics guy I talked to recommended him. </p>

No one had <u>anything</u> good to say about their Dr. Hodges. He looked at me and recommended neck surgery when it was my rotator cuff.</p>

He didn't do my surgery so I can't comment on his skills but I hear he does have a nice house:</p><h1 class="detailHeadline"><font size="2">"This mansion is the most expensive home ever put on the market in the Chattanooga area"</font>