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11 year warranty, but it is broken down like this, which I think most of them are similar:

11 Year Limited Warranty for IONIC Deep Cycle Batteries

12V30Ah, 12V50Ah, 12V100Ah, 12V125Ah (Heater), 12V300Ah (Heater)

24V50Ah, 36V50Ah, 36V30Ah, 48V27Ah

LITHIUMHUB LLC, 125 TATE RD NORRIS, SC 29667, MAKES THIS LIMITED WARRANTY TO THE ORIGINAL RETAIL PURCHASER OF THIS PRODUCT. LithiumHub LLC (the “Manufacturer”) warrants LithiumHub LLC products for eleven (11) years from the date of purchase at retail against defective material, workmanship, or specified performance that may occur under normal use and care from the original purchase date. (Batteries purchased prior to the 11-year limited warranty are covered under the new terms.)

Subject to the Warranty Coverage described herein.
An Ionic deep cycle battery is considered good at 70% of its original 100% SOC (State of Charge) capacity during any point of its life cycle.

Period of Coverage:

  • First 30 days - Refund of original purchase price with return of battery
  • 30 days to 5 Years (60 months) - LithiumHub will repair battery free of charge. If repair is not possible battery replacement will be provided.
  • 5 years to 8 years (61 months to 96 months) - LithiumHub will repair or replace battery with a service charge of $150 per battery.
  • 8 years to 11 years (97 months to 132 months) - Replacement discount offer of 30% on a similar product valid for 30 days from notification.
Warranty Exclusions: This Limited Warranty does not cover consequential damages and or defects due to the following conditions (but not limited to):

  • Accidents, misuse, abuse, abnormal use, water damage, abnormal conditions, alteration(s) to the product
  • Damage due to improper installation, operation, maintenance, and or storage
  • Any damage to battery from use(s) other than the intended purpose(s) as described by the Manufacturer
  • Use of any charging system not specifically designed for LithiumHub Ionic Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries
  • Battery that has not been charged for over 365 days
  • Dropped or crushed product
  • Unauthorized opening, tampering, or modification of the product
  • Removal of manufacture date codes
  • Theft, vandalism, or loss of use while the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair.
  • Battery reaching its normal end of life due to usage which may occur prior to the end of the Warranty Period. A battery can deliver only a fixed amount of energy over its life which will occur over different periods of time depending on the application. For example, cycling the battery more than 1 time daily, will cause the normal end of life to occur before the end of the Warranty Period. The Manufacturer reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the battery is determined upon inspection to be at its normal end of life within the Warranty Period.
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: A vehicle manufacturer cannot legally void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)). Ionic Batteries have proprietary software embedded in the Battery Management Systems that make them 100% compatible with Yamaha or Mercury 250 hp motors. Learn More

How to use your warranty:

If you purchased product from

Login to your account here and find your order. You can click to submit an RMA request within the order.

If you purchased product through dealer or Amazon:

Please click here to fill out the RMA form and we will be in touch.

LithiumHub will send you a return label and/or packaging for you to get your product back to us for examination and if needed repair or replace your product according to the warranty terms below.