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But I just wanted to let everyone know, your prayers can and do help! GOD is good!
I am saddened by the loss of 2 guys I fished against for years, I went to school with Robert Brown, always nice guy to me, same with R.L.Tanner they will be missed! Sorry I just discovered this.

The reason I wanted to post this is to give God all the praise in all we experience and all he does for us!
My wife and I are receipients, our house burned to the ground in Feb. 2013, my son Jimmy, passed away on 2-17-2014, at the hands of others, for no reason except money, the best we can tell, he is missed each day, he fished and tried to sell tackle and lures to a lot of you guys at the lowest prices he could, sometimes losing money, just to help all fishermen, a lot of you bought from us, and we thank you!

My wife got breast cancer in June of 2017 and had a double mastectomy and chemo, then a few other surgeries for unknown lumps elsewhere, she is recoverying although slowly. I argued with my Dr. for nearly 24 months that I had Pancreatic Cancer yet he kept saying all test were negative. Then while helping my wife with here chemo treatments my stomach was hurting and my back would start throbbing and spasming from 5 pm. through the nite, so after 2 months of no rest, I went back to DR. still in denial, I prayed and prayed about it and was led to another DR. and after a ct scan with contrast in 15 min. a tumor was found on my Pancreas!
Biopsy showed 2 CM tumor and positive with Cancer, this was around Oct 2018, the day after Thanksgiving 2018 a tumor was removed along with spleen and almost all of my pancreas, it was then 11 CM! Dr. said it was a miracle that due to the fast growth and the length of time it had been in me, he was able to achieve clear margins and out of 22 lymph nodes I only had cancer cells in 1 of them, I BELIEVE THIS WAS DUE TO THE HUNDREDS OF FRIENDS AND MANY CHURCHES THAT WERE, AND ARE STILL PRAYING FOR ME!

The bad thing with Pancreatic Cancer is, if everything goes PERFECT with surgery and my 6 months of chemo, they only give me a 9% chance to be alive in 5 years, I told the Dr's that God holds all of our expiration dates and I put my faith in HIM!

The main reason for this post is in the last 2 weeks, 3 guys I worked with at the Nuclear plant have Pancreatic cancer too! I can't tie it to the radiation doses we received but it is becoming more and more common in everyone, so I wanted everyone to read my symptoms, the above pain along with some real changes in your stool, and weight loss for no reason, should get you to a DR. ASAP! Nearly all diagnosed with it DIE and SOON, because the symptoms show up way late into it growing deep inside of you!

hope this Encourages you to get closer to the LORD, and may save someone by finding it sooner! This is not about me! I just want to raise your awareness! GOD BLESS, AND PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY AND LEADERS!


Prayers my friend. And I agree 100% God is good! Just seems to add a little more comfort to know we’re we spend eternity. Bless you and your family.


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Thanks for the post, We never really know what others are going through. Prayer is an amazing thing. Praying for a brighter future for you and the family.


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Wow!! So sorry for your loss of your son and your house. God is good! Everyone should have your attitude. I think you might want to edit some dates since the 2018 Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, you must have meant 2017. God bless! I will join those praying for you and your family.


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