List of ethanol free gas stations


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Are any of the stations open late ? I like to fill on the way home, so next trip to the lake my boat is ready, and I get the extra snooze bar sleep.
I have used Pure on Dayton Pike,but he is not open late. I would appreciate any info. Thanks.


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the midnite oil on bonny oaks drive is no ethanol and the exxon in colledgedale. steve rays midnite oil in ooltewah has no ethanol in the high octane only. my new motor is so fuel efficient I pay the extra money for the high octane


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You can go to and find 100% stations anywhere in the US
Below is list from that site shown for Chattanooga, Tn.

Chattanooga PURE 87 89 93 Allen's Stop & Go 4266 Bonny Oaks Dr N35.08067 W85.21506 details
Chattanooga CITGO Citgo 7355 E Brainerd Rd N35.01481 W85.16356 details
Chattanooga CITGO 87 Citgo 6675 Lee Hwy N35.03938 W85.17114 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 87 89 93 Downtown Automotive 1725 S Market St N35.03355 W85.30869 details
Chattanooga HI-TECH 87 Jay's Food Mart 6800 Shallowford Rd N35.04627 W85.16625 details
Chattanooga SMILE 87 Kankus 7640 E Brainerd Rd N35.01145 W85.15704 details
Chattanooga SMILE 87 92 Kankus 2115 Dodds Ave N35.01662 W85.27304 details
Chattanooga KANKU'S 87 Kanku's 3604 Brainerd Rd N35.02413 W85.24615 details
Chattanooga SMILE 87 Kanku's #5 [423-386-5960] 7900 Shallowford Rd N35.03417 W85.13345 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 87 89 93 Midnite Oil 4833 Bonny Oaks Dr N35.07398 W85.19218 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 87 93 Midnite Oil 627a Signal Mtn Rd N35.09677 W85.32783 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 87 Midnite Oil 3441 Wilcox Blvd N35.04857 W85.23532 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 89 93 Midnite Oil 4004 Rossville Blvd N34.99763 W85.29145 details
Chattanooga CITGO 93 Parkers Citgo [423-622-2752] 3660 Brainerd Rd N35.02356 W85.24472 details
Chattanooga UNBRANDED 89 Shiva Food Mart 303 Browns Ferry Rd N35.02860 W85.36323 details
Chattanooga SUNOCO 87 Sunoco 7490 Lee Hwy N35.05656 W85.14089 details
Chatt/E Ridge UNBRANDED 87 93 Tip Top Mart 6500 Ringgold Rd N34.98948 W85.20915 details
Chatt/Red Bank PURE 87 89 93 Red Bank Service 4720 Dayton Blvd N35.13521 W85.28075 details
Chatt/Signal Mtn UNBRANDED 87 89 93 Espresso Mart 816 Ridgeway Ter N35.12230 W85.34300 details
Chatt/Signal Mtn UNBRANDED 85 87 89 Thomas Service 5102 Taft Hwy N35.18699 W85.34853 details

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Am I the only one who wonders how "Truthful" these stations are about their fuel being ethanol free? I have a very hard time taking their word for it. Is there a way to be sure that what you get is really what you're paying for? I feel that some places will sell off the cut gas for the 100% just to make a quick buck.


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You can buy a testing kit and check it yourself.

Gas stations are regulated and tested periodically. They are subject to stiff fines if they are fraudulent. Now as to whether that actually happens it is probably like everything else.


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I found this on google - "ethanol testing made easy" .....I have not tried it, yet!

A quick check with pint jars of ethanol-free fuel and adulterated fuel indicated that a drop of any color food coloring will dissolve and turn the adulterated fuel the same color as the food coloring. Putting a drop of food coloring in pure gasoline, the drop just goes to the bottom of the sample and rolls around there as little globules. Now I just carry a bottle of inexpensive and readily obtainable food coloring and a quart glass jar – it’s easier to get a fuel sample into – and have an instant indication of ethanol free fuel or adulterated fuel.”

Remember, always test every batch of gasoline purchased at any location other than an airport — “Let the buyer beware” !


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Fishin4Fun, I've always wondered the same thing since the only stations you see with 100% gasoline is mom and pop stores, or non major name brands. There is one Texaco on the way to lake Weiss, but its on a different pump out front. Wonder why the major brands don't carry it if they can sell it for more. Maybe because it's not ethanol free, and don't want the backlash from it. Just a thought.


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I just tried the food coloring test on some ethanol-free gas and it worked - the red dye just rolled up in a little ball.
have you tried it on some ethanol gas to see if it indeed does turn the gas to the same color as the dye?
Does anyone know of any station on Hwy. 58 or close that has ethanol free gas? Seems like it would be a good business move for a station to have a real gas pump with all the boaters in that area. If you know of a station anywhere in that area please let us know about it emoWorthy .


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If you have a smart phone you can get a free app that will give you all the 100% gas stations in your area and its called "Pure Gas". It doesn't give prices but will give you addresses. Pretty cool!