Mercury 2.5hp motor starting problem a thing of the past

This earlier this year I bought the motor in the title and could not restart it to save my life. Not good if you've traveled a good distance from the launch! After screwing the motor up trying to start the motor in too little water in the bucket - plus hundreds in repairs, I found a used a solution that was suggested by someone on his post. It goes like this:</p>

Open the throttle a bit with the choke <u>closed </u>if the motor has been started within 24 hours. Beyond that time, choke it if needed. Worked like a charm and starts <u>every time</u> - <u>even the next morning</u>. Why the owner's manual never suggested this is beyond me. So much frustration and expense for nothing and now it's getting to cold to boat/ fish with the daily air temperature in the 50's and a 15mph or stronger wind. I could have enjoyed using it on my 12 jon boat all season vs having only the trolling motor to get me from place to place.</p>