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These are administrators on the Site Statistics page: pwadm, test, AThornton, Spurhunter, Buoy-Master

Those are leftover from LONG ago. I know a couple of them and I believe they are rarely active on the page, if they ever visit it all. I have no idea who the newest owner of the page is, or their level of activity, if at all.

In my mind it is very loosely moderated - but I really don't know for sure. But thankfully this has ALWAYS been a relatively friendly forum with very few trolls, spammers or trash-talkers. That was definitely the tone which was set in the early days of CFF when it was born in 2005. I was very proud to be the third registered member, right behind the original developer and his daughter.


I removed 'test' as it was only used for testing. I am more of a technical support person than a moderator, helping mostly with technical issues. Spurhunter, Buoy-Master were doing most of the moderation, but as rsimms mentioned, this rather a peaceful forum.