Mrs EricM is selling my beautiful reclining leather couch!!


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I'm not sure where she is figuring to get a bunch of redecorating money (uh-oh, I hope she's not figuring on an inheritance anytime soon), but we all know that when this thought becomes lodged it is pretty much a done deal. OR ELSE!

So, if anyone is willing to cancel their plans to upgrade their fishing electronics, I now have for sale:

Lazy Boy Power Recline Motion sofa, dark brown leather, 88" wide, GREAT shape, only ever driven by two elderly folks to church on Sundays. It won't fit in the room properly (so she says) with the OTHER new furniture that she has decided we MUST have for the new house.

**BONUS** Any stray Cheetos and/or loose change is included!

Asking $1000. I/we/she paid $2290 new. *head slap* I KNEW I should have gotten the new rods and reels instead.


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