Need a Schedule


Our club is waiting on Dean and I before they complete a schedule! Other members of our club are interested in the CFF but we cannot move forward until we have your schedule.


We are working one it, it’s going to be different as we have several committee members that are backing off this year, due to various reasons.


All, due to declining participation and some of our committee members backing out this year, as for now there will be no CFF Trail this year. I cannot run it by myself and I am not sure the participation will be there to have enough show up. I have really enjoyed fishing this series and hope we can come up with a plan for the future.

However, I would be interested in helping with a TX series.
Ken I think we can put something together. Im willing to help and John is willing to help we just need a person willing to handle the money. I think we should just put together a schedule that alternates Nick and Chick. Just do Chick at night its seems safer and avoid CBA and use some different ramps.

Dont have a joining fee and just pay per tournament and then have fish so many to make the classic with an elevated fee and payout


let's do it, I will help with the money,

I have the older scales from the CFF we can use.
Just a pass at a schedule - can be changed around or whatever
March 2 River park or Rivermont
March 23 - somewhere on Chick
April 13 or 20 lower end Nickajack
May 4th or 18th on Chick
Night - June 14 Chick
Night - July 19 Chick
Night August 16 chick
september 14 nick day
October 5 chick day
then classic later


I like it Todd, let's talk later today and get this finalized and posted up