New Spiritual/Religion Forum...


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We decided to separate the Political and Religion posts. Hopefully this will entice some more of the spiritual members to post instead of sorting through all the political threads to do so.

Keep it clean and respectful....


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This is cool and I like it alot more. I am glad they seperated the religious from the political. Good job!!


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Im new to the site and really enjoy the fact that we have a section like this....GOD is awsome in every way. The fact that we can chat about this freely is just another example. Thank you.


We need to think GOD every day and be thankful we are able to fish.Just a couple years ago i was not physically able to fish had a stroke and then diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.So i am blessed just to be able to go.God put the right doctors in my path.I may not know what my future hold's but i know the one who holds the future.


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Thanking God everyday. His love for us is so great we just can’t wrap our brains around it. If he loves and forgives ME he will anyone that asks and believes.


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God will forgive any one, but first you have to admit you are a sinner. You have to ask his forgiveness!


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Pray without ceasing, He wants to hear from us. Blessed to be here and thank the owners for this forum. Share the "Good News" of Jesus and take the Gospel to all the world.

Regards, Labman