One of my favorite things about fishing...


It's those "I can't believe I just saw that" moments. My partner and I put in at Chet Frost at daylight this morning and crossed the river to fish the grass flats. Background - Unfortunately I don't have a garage and depend on a Ranger boat cover and live on heavily wooded property. Mice are a constant problem in and around my parked vehicles. Glue boards/floor boards, you get the picture.
Pulled up to the grass flats maybe five feet off and a field mouse jumps off the rear transom of my boat and swims straight to the grass. Once on top he ran around all over the grass. I just knew we were going to see something blow up on it. We frogged the grass to death for the next 15 minutes and he was still walking around out there. Finally decided that if a live mouse wasn't getting any attention we needed to move on.

Got me to think though...are live mice legal bait?


good story - have used live frogs back in the day but dont think I have heard of anyone using a mouse