Plenty of Lot Set Sales for Anyone Near or Traveling Near Kingsport TN.


These are my current sales going on at Craigslist and Facebook markets. Just too many to list one at a time so here’s the links. I’m selling crankbait lots/bundles, lipless lots, branded plastics lots, fishing line lots, equipment, mounts, etc. For example, one lot is 99 packages of mostly full Strike King plastics, a lot set of shallow diving crankbaits, a BalZout mount only used on two trips, etc. Here are some of the links. I may not list them all, so just follow my other sales on the two sites:

There’s Hard/Soft baits, different style baits, equipment, etc. Let me know if you find interest in anything. I don’t ship but I will meet within an hour and a half for serious buyers of $300 plus in items. Or you can stop by and look over the items in person and maybe put together your own lot set. Please contact me on Craigslist or here if you’re interested in anything. It’s first come/pay first serve. I can hold items for people traveling a substantial distance though. Thanks.


Sold some things so here’s the updated version. Every fishing item(s) I have listed on here is $3070 total. I’ll sell everything listed all together for $2700 firm, no trades. It’s a more than fair price as I’ve lowered the individual prices to about as far as I can without basically giving it away lol. All items are in great if not new shape. I have plenty of pics, but not everything is pictured here as there was not room. You’ll have to look at each item’s individual listing to see more in-depth pics of the items and for better details of item breakdown. Here’s a look at the categories and their totals:

Hardbaits Total = $1060 @ 245 items
Sell all for $950

Technique/Other Baits (jigs,frogs,spinnerbaits) Total = $800 @ 226+ items
Sell all for $700

Terminal Tackle only includes the fluorocarbon/braid line lot = $275

Soft Plastics Total = $715 @ 267 packages
Sell all for $600

Equipment Total = $220 @ 3 items
Sell all for $175

Total Individual Price = $3070
Total Selling Price = $2700


***Update! One week sale at $1900 and that’s a huge steal @ approximately $2.60/item!!!! I will resume the regular price back to $2300 at the end of this week 11/27.***